Nominee director. Work as the nominee director

Providing consultations and legal services in corporate law, and in particular, services of nominee directors and founders in all Ukraine falls within the scope of work of the international law company “Alt-Brayer”.

Nominee DirectorThe term “nominee director” is meant as the individual which is dummy appointed to the role of the director of the company or the legal person as the nominee founder. The actual power over work of the organisation is in hands of the owner (founders/founders) who instructs the nominee director concerning transactions, signing of papers, etc.

Work as the nominee director

The nominee director of the company, as it was already told, is the formal head while the true owner and the head of the legal entity are another people. Usually, use services of nominee service in cases when it is necessary to hide the identity of these owners.

At first sight, this case rather risky, however, is not present the reasons for nervousness, especially if lawyers are involved in the business. There are fulfilled efficient schemes guaranteeing that the nominee director will not be able to exceed the actual authorities and to use provision concerning property and finance of the company entrusted it. This, some kind of, it is sewn up interests of the owner which plays not the last role in the appointment of the dummy director.

Lawyers of the Alt-Brayer company provide only the checked and absolutely legal nominee service which the fastest and effective satisfaction of requests from the client to the destination is the result of “face value”. Our jurists accompany the formal permission of case, providing:

  • any information concerning the interesting questions at “face values” and corporate law in general;
  • careful analysis of the candidate;
  • explanation of all possible risks in connection with the appointment;
  • preparation of the package of documents, including powers of attorney;
  • representation of interests of the client in state structures.

Services of the nominee director

Nominee serviceIf necessary, the nominee director provides to the real owner:

  • The general power of attorney on the powers allowing it to direct actually all activity of the company;
  • The agreement on agreement cancelation with an open date, certified by the signature of the nominee director. It allows the owner “dismiss” the dummy director even without its agreement and appoint another person to this place;
  • The purchase and sale agreement for the share in the authorised capital of the company with open date signed with “face value” that gives the chance to the real head always to change the structure of participants of the firm.

The nominee director in Kiev

The hiring of the nominee director, in particular, does not bear risk as there are legal mechanisms of protection of the rights and property of the owner from the unworthy nominee director that allows the dummy head to be only the person involved in the state registers. Real owners, we will remind, can displace “face value” at any time from his position as the nominee director shall provide the resignation with an empty date in advance.

In addition, it is necessary to notice that the nominee director has even no hypothetical opportunity to exceed the authority as all data on firm, the financial state and location of its bank accounts it is focused in hands of the original owner of the company.

Presence of the nominee director in the company is necessary in such cases:

  • When in business documents it is impossible to advertise the name of the real owner for the purpose of preserving of its reputation in case of the failure of the transaction. Such scheme allows to increase inviolability of business;
  • If there is the exit of participants of the Ltd company which had an important provision in business, the problem of “face value” is the protection of business against a crash, first of all.

Work nominee DirectorApparently, the role of “face value” in business is not high, however, is essential. It is the element of the safety of the company well the case of need to hide the identity of the owner. Similar service is rather widely used in many countries of the world, and Ukraine with its beautiful capital of Kiev – not the exception. If you are the owner of the business and the nominee director was necessary for you, address lawyers of the Alt-Brayer company who as fast as possible and profitable will issue the necessary transaction without risk for you. The intervention of the client in the process of conducting business is minimum, however at desire, our jurists will provide the detailed report about the done work with the purpose of maintenance of tranquility of the client.