Purchase offshore company in Kiev

Why it is so profitable to purchase the offshore
How quickly to purchase the offshore in Kiev
Than ready offshore companies are profitable

The Alt-Brayer law company provides consultations and services in the field of the international corporate law. In particular, one of profiles of our practice is registration and support of offshore companies, service and support of offshore schemes, and also merge, absorption and sale of the offshore.

So, “Alt-Brayer” offers you the opportunity to increase business productivity by company registration in one of offshore zones that will be extremely profitable to successful maintaining the business activity.

Offshore companies

Why it is so profitable to purchase the offshore

Our legislation continually suffers permanent changes, especially now, during total reforms. Considering it, businessmen are forced to look for ways of reduction of the tax liabilities and, therefore, methods of simplification of maintaining the business activity. And one of the most acceptable versions of the problem resolution is transfer of business or, at least, its part in offshore zones of the world that gives the fine chance to run business in international markets, without caring for taxes and fees.

Actually, the OFFSHORE is the country or the territory (if more precisely — financial centre) which legislation allows to attract the foreign capital, applying special tax and others privileges to the foreign companies registered in the state. Proceeding from it, use of the offshore is one of the most widespread and effective methods of tax planning of business. Essential benefits of offshore zones is that the non-resident companies there:

  1. Are not subject to taxation;
  2. Do not provide financial and accounting records;
  3. Do not pass audit.

Practically in all countries with similar tax conditions use of so-called “trust management” and “nominee service” is applied. It means that upon purchase of the offshore, in state. registers and tax bases as shareholders and directors of the company residents of these offshore countries appear while the companies given real owners are hidden.

How quickly to purchase the offshore in Kiev

Many businessmen who are going to purchase offshore company mistakenly think that such countries as Great Britain, Hong Kong, Cyprus, Malta and many others are the classical offshore. It’s not true. And not to spend time in vain for searches of the best version of the
Purchase offshore companyoffshore, it is necessary to address at once lawyers of the Alt-Brayer company which will consult by the Ukrainian and foreign legislation of rather specific question, and also will accompany completely all procedure.

In effect, it is as simple to purchase the offshore in Kiev with the Alt-Brayer company how to recharge phone or to purchase bread in shop. Our specialists on questions of the international business are ready to give help at the choice of jurisdiction and acquisition of the ready offshore, and also to accompany registration of offshore companies in Kiev.

Procedure of registration of the offshore includes:

  • Determination of “name” of the company;
  • Determination whole offshore company;
  • The choice of suitable jurisdiction for your business;
  • Appointment of heads and shareholders of the company;
  • Official company registration in the offshore, and also apostilization of necessary documents;
  • Issue of papers on the company at office of “Alt-Brayer”.

In general procedure borrows, depending on jurisdiction, from 10 to 30 days then it is possible to take all advantages of offshore companies.

Than ready offshore companies are profitable

Purchase the offshore in Kiev means to get the number of advantages:

  • Purchase of the ready offshore allows to start conducting activity at once, and it is possible to make it in 1 day;
  • The purchased offshore “with the name” will give to solidity to your business, unlike the new company known to nobody.

The decision to purchase offshore company is the responsible step which, however, capable to bring your business to new level, and also it is essential to save time to market. The ready offshore in employment of jurisdiction, suitable for your sphere, will allow to conduct effective cooperation with the foreign companies and that is important, to store means in stable foreign banks.

“Alt-Brayer” gives the opportunity to buy the offshore in Kiev ready prepared, providing you the following services:

  • Purchase offshore company. KievRegistration of offshore company;
  • Sale of already registered offshore;
  • Opening of foreign accounts in the relevant foreign banks;
  • Help in the choice of the most optimum offshore zone;
  • Development of the offshore scheme for your business;
  • Comprehensive legal support of any procedure;
  • Nominee service (complete and partial);
  • Readdressing and delivery of the received mail in offshore company.

You will find the additional information of relative opening and registration of offshore company, and also optimisation of your business by simplification of the taxation in office of “Alt-Brayer” where the qualified lawyers will answer all your questions, and also will help to understand the most tiny nuances of procedure.