In Ukraine changed the rules of residence: what you need to know about the innovations

The new rules of residence in Ukraine

March 2, 2016, the Cabinet has adopted new conditions for the registration of place of residence, as well as the order of transmission of information in the Unified state demographic registry.

According to the decree, which comes into force on 4 April, registration and de-registration of place of residence is carried out by the local authorities (Executive committees of the relevant territorial units).

Also changed the registration terms for the Ukrainians after moving to the new place, and alien registration after receiving the permit. Now you have 30 calendar days from the date of a particular event, and the stated procedure should be carried out on the day of filing. When you want to register a new address, it can be carried out in parallel with the removal from previous. In addition, in Ukraine a natural person can have only one domicile.

Documents for registrationIn Ukraine changed the rules of registration

For registration or change of residence to the passport office must submit the following documents:

  • application;
  • passport/residence permit/permanent residence (in which will bear the registration stamp);
  • confirmation of payment of fees for the services of the passport office;
  • the document attesting the right of residence in claimed housing;
  • men: military ID or certificate of origin;
  • in case of simultaneous removal and new registrations – application of withdrawal from registration

If the documents apply not the applicant by state. service, but authorized person, making a visit to the passport office, in addition, he/she must have:

  • the document identifying the identity of the representative;
  • the document confirming the right of representation of interests (this does not apply to parents or adoptive parents).

As for redirecting data in a Single demographic registry of Ukraine, properly, this mechanism will be implemented after the introduction of the broad operation of the required software. In the meantime, before the beginning of next year information from registers of territorial communities will be transmitted in paper and electronic format.