Special permission to enter Crimea

Getting permission to enter Crimea

4 June 2015, the Government adopted a decree that regulates the procedure of entry in the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine (Crimea), and exit. According to the document, the entry of foreigners and stateless persons on the territory of the Crimean Peninsula and the exit is through the checkpoints can be with the passport and special permission, which is issued by GMS. The law is still relevant.

«Even if a foreigner gets special permission, it does not eliminate it from the possible verification of documents by subdivisions of state border protection to confirm the purpose of entry to the Crimea.»

Grounds for getting the permission

  • accommodation in Crimea, relatives or family members of a foreigner, which is confirmed by a special document;
  • location on the Peninsula of the place of burial of relatives, which is documented;
  • the death of relatives living in Crimea, which is supported by relevant papers;
  • the presence of ownership of the property in Crimea;
  • participation in the events dedicated to the peaceful settlement of the conflict on the Peninsula. In this case, the resolution is issued at the request or with the agreement of the foreign Ministry;
  • exercise diplomatic and consular functions by the representatives of the international organizations which member is Ukraine. In this case, the resolution is issued with the assistance of the foreign Ministry;
  • regular trips of railway employees to the Crimea for work.

Required documents

In fact, to obtain a special permission to enter the Crimea (for free!), the alien must collect and provide to the immigration office the following documents

  • application;

Заявление для въезда в КрымРазрешение на въезд в Крым

  • passport (for presentation only);
  • the document confirming legal stay in the country;
  • copy of the passport page with identifying information of a person, plus a notarized translation into Ukrainian language;
  • documents confirming the purpose of entry to the Crimea.
  • confirmation of a satisfactory financial security for the period of the planned visit to the Peninsula or appropriate guarantees of the host party;
  • 3 photos – 3.5 x 4.5 cm

Further within 5 working days should be a decision made about issue or refusal to issue the document. Does this chief of the state migration service or an authorised person.

Special permission to enter CrimeaThe validity of the document

A special permission is issued for single or multiple visit to Crimea and exit from it. The document is valid for the period specified in the statement period that is also confirmed by special papers. However, the duration of the visit may not exceed the permitted period of stay of the foreigner in Ukraine and should take into account the time necessary for travel outside the country (not less than 3 working days).

Depending on the grounds, a permit may issued for a single visit of the Peninsula and reusable – for one year. Also foreigners or persons without citizenship having permanent residence in Ukraine, and registered in Crimea or Sevastopol may be granted permission for multiple visits to the temporarily occupied territory.