The immigration quota for 2016 in Ukraine

Immigration quota for 2016 in Ukraine

Every year the Cabinet of Ministers adopts immigration quotas. This means that each year varies the number of foreigners who can come to Ukraine for one reason or another on a constant residence. A distinctive feature of this list is that the number of seats is set separately for each region and for each category of foreign nationals who apply for permanent residence.

In addition, indicators may either increase or decrease. Thus, the immigration quota for 2016 decreased from 6.2 thousand to 4.6 thousand people. According to the press service of the government, such amendments are aimed at implementation of requirements of the legislation.

It is noted that the approved quota by the Cabinet of Ministers is formed in accordance with suggestions of Central and local Executive authorities, and the calculations were based on the results of the analysis of last year’s immigration process.
In particular:

  • for the most important figures of science and culture quota is limited at the level of 530 people;
  • with regard to relatives of foreigners on the territory of Ukraine, our state can take no more than 1357 people. This category refers to full brothers and sisters, grandparents, grandsons or granddaughters of Ukrainians;
  • for a close family circle (parents, husband/wife of an immigrant and his minor children) actual quota of 2293 persons.

Also it should be noted that the immigration quota for 2016 for foreign investors who invested into the Ukrainian economy more than $100 thousand, is not limited.

Immigration quota for 2016 in Ukraine