Buying a property abroad, you can obtain a residence permit

Buying a property gives you residence permit

The question of the sale and purchase of real estate for some States especially painful. In such resort places of the world like Greece, Spain, Malta, and the Baltic States more people prefer to enjoy the sun than to purchase a property. This situation affects unfavorably the domestic real estate market, which is in need for investors.

By the way, Ukraine in this way stimulates the development of the national economy by providing individuals who invest in the Ukrainian company over 100 thousand dollars, a permanent residence permit in Ukraine, or the nationality, dependent of their choice.

Motivation for buying a home

To improve the situation, governments of tropical countries have decided to introduce at the legislative level the possibility of granting temporary residence permits to persons who acquire immovable property.

Residence permit when buying property

In essence, the idea is not so bad, because:

  • If You need a residence permit, for example, in Spain, and there are no reasons, immovable property will contribute to migration;
  • Planning to obtain a temporary residence permit, You are prepared to live in another country for a year or more, and for that obviously need to have somewhere to live. If use the government propose, you can kill two birds with one stone;
  • Buying real estate in a sunny country, and having obtained the residence permit, you can assist in obtaining a similar document for the entire family that will bring an invaluable contribution to the recreation and development of the worldview of the family and loved ones$
  • A residence permit is the first step to citizenship, so if You plan to change citizenship, there is a sense to think over the proposal.

Package of rights of an alien with a residence permit

Overall, the government’s motive in such actions is clear, however, what should motivate foreigners to buy a house for a residence permit?

In fact, a temporary residence permit in any state entitles a foreigner to act as the citizens themselves, namely:

  • Receive public education;
  • Work officially or to establish their own business;
  • To contact with various government agencies;
  • Make a residence permit for the whole family (Your document will be the basis for obtaining residence permit for other members of the close family circle, but details must be clarified directly with the embassies and consulates of the respective countries).

In particular, the residence permit not allows you only to vote, and everything else – please. Thus, in addition to the standard conditions, it is possible to buy a house or apartment on coast of ocean and to legally migrate to the country for a year. Or, as in Ukraine, to invest resources in the company and even obtain permanent residence permit in Ukraine.