The law about the issuance of refugee certificate for 15 days

The issuance of refugee certificate

In last time on the political map of the world flash new wars or other conflicts of not peaceful nature, in connection with which the refugee problem is beginning to affect an increasing number of States. Unfortunately, the reality is that refugees cross borders to neighbouring countries illegally, although probably know about the mandatory registration of the fact of migration.

The laws of some States are so complex and intricate that refugees simply cannot afford to compete with the “bureaucratic machine” – they would simply protect their lives. Therefore, in order to organize in Ukraine the algorithm of the issuance of refugee identity, and thus to simplify and accelerate the procedure both for refugees themselves and for our country, President Petro Poroshenko signed the law, which was passed by parliament on 4 February this year.

The law on the issuance of refugee certificateThat involves a new bill

In particular, the draft law refers directly to refugees and persons who need additional or temporary protection, defines and conditions:

  • regulation of social relations in the sphere of recognition of foreign person as a refugee;
  • issue of official refugee status in Ukraine;
  • loss and deprivation of the legal status.

According to the mentioned law, refugee certificate in strict order should be processed and be issued a maximum for 15 working days after the decision on recognition of a person as refugee in Ukraine. The question deals exclusively with the state migration service of Ukraine.

Along with this, the law provides the powers of the state migration service to amend the documents – decision on recognition of a person as a refugee, which were adopted, including, to the date of entry into force of this law, and in which identified the error. It guarantees the rights of refugees on the territory of our state to have the appropriate documentation of legal status with the correct data after submission of the relevant supporting documents or reasoning in writing.