Rules of legalization for foreign student in Ukraine

To legalize student in Ukraine

Education gives us the basic Foundation for identity formation and personal development. Modern conditions require from young people to determine the direction that they will develop in the future, at a young age. It is therefore essential to choose the educational institution which will reveal the potential of the child.

Often parents, to implement Chad’s commitment to a particular sphere, select universities abroad. This solution helps future specialist not only to gain skills and knowledge in the chosen profile, but:

  • To learn how to live independently;
  • To undergo training in a foreign language (optional);
  • Receive a certificate of international standard;
  • Settle in another state that will give the opportunity to get legalised for a longer time;
  • Significantly develop the outlook.

Legalization of foreign students in UkraineThe legal aspect of foreign education

To the rankings of the best universities in the world repeatedly fell and Ukrainian universities, what gives a reason for pride and an incentive to explain the terms of the legalization of students in the country.

When a person intends to go abroad for education, it needs:

  • To check the presence of the University a license to educate foreigners;
  • Pass entrance examinations;
  • Obtain a confirmation of acceptance;
  • Collect mandatory for receipt of the documents;
  • Get visa at the invitation of the University;
  • Contact with University representatives to discuss the details of the meeting directly in the destination country.

After arriving at the training, the person must obtain a temporary residence permit in Ukraine than fully engaged the representative of the University. We refine that enrollment in the ranks of the students – it is only right to learn, but the right to reside in the territory of the state gives only resident permit.

Temporary residence permit in Ukraine provides for the entire period of study, so that the student may not have to worry about possible troubles with the migration service. However, he should take care of the issue of residence place registration. There is a choice: a registration may be marked as the address of the dormitory and a separate apartment. If necessary, to resolve the issue of registration place of residence will help international lawyer company “Alt-brayer”.