The investors in the economy of Ukraine will receive citizenship

Investment in the economy to give citizenship

To obtain the citizenship of another country is incredibly difficult. First, if You do not have special privileges because of the relationship with the Ukrainians, the awareness about acceptance in citizenship You will wait for years. Secondly, you need to collect a lot of documents and perform a huge number of requirements. And, of course, have to renounce their native citizenship (in Ukraine it is impossible to have two passports), and for some it is a little Ukrainian citizenship by investmentdifficult psychologically.

In order to obtain nationality of Ukraine, it is necessary to have national roots. It can be either close relatives among the Ukrainians, or if You had citizenship, and now restore it. Of course, You can still get a Ukrainian passport if You are a very important person for the state, however, this procedure is used in exceptional cases.

But there is another option that can be used if all of the above methods are not suitable. The government grants Ukrainian citizenship to foreigners who invested in the economy more than $ 100 thousand (the same basis is relevant for obtaining a permanent residence permit). Despite the fact, frankly, amount big, this option is quite popular.

Conditions of the investing

The essence of the latter mechanism lies in the fact that the foreigner transfers to the account of Ukrainian enterprises more than 100 thousand U.S. dollars. A separate privilege is that it can be the company of the investor.

In order to use this basis for citizenship, you must:

  • To transfer the monetary resource are not to the personal account of an individual, but to Finance certain authorized Fund of the enterprise;
  • To register investment in accordance with the established procedure.

Only with a document about financial investments registration (and, of course, with the rest of the package), You can contact the immigration service, where can start the procedure of changing or obtaining citizenship.

Thus, the Ukrainian citizenship (and permanent residence in this case) approachable not only available to foreigners with Ukrainian roots or active position in relation to that state, but for foreign investors too. This mechanism is not only beneficial in terms of attracting investors, but also really simplifies the scheme for the foreigners legalization.