The formula of quick and successful purchase of the insurance company

Purchase of insurance company

Buy insurance company

In each country there are types of compulsory insurance, along with, of course, given the opportunity for voluntary purchase of the insurance policy. The first group includes:

  • Insurance policy liability of the land transport owner (vehicle insurance);
  • Insurance of tourists traveling abroad;
  • Obligatory insurance of fire brigades;
  • Making medical insurance for the foreigner, who is obtaining temporary residence permit in Ukraine, etc.

To optional types of insurance belong real estate insurance, workforce, and other goods. Naturally, the provision of such services falls entirely on the “shoulders” of insurance companies, which now, in spite of many political and intra-market difficulties is becoming more and more.

“Entry” of new firms into the insurance market

The main condition, which forms the theoretical opinion of the future owner – to create or not to create the insurance company is the size of the initial capital, which must be:

  • If the company will provide services of life insurance – 1.5 million euros;
  • To provide other services – 1 million euros.

Long-term practice shows that employment in the insurance market justify the costs of the establishment, so the number of insurers is constantly increasing, which, in turn, generates demand for purchase/sale of such companies.

Buy insurance company KievHow to buy an insurance company, and not be deceived?

Despite the fact that the starting capital of insurance companies is very high, the number of such organizations in the Ukrainian space rapidly increases. And, of course, as in any other sphere of economy, You can buy a company that provides an insurance service.

Ukrainian business (as around the world) for a long time does not need require self-registration of new legal entity. Turning to the lawyers, you can easily buy an insurance company, choosing one that completely fits Your vision for future activities in the selected market. Lawyers in this matter will be the most competent assistants, because they provide not only ready to buy business, but also help to buy the insurance company legitimately and “with warranty”.

Warranty refer to what the specialists corporate law

  • You will submit all the necessary documents concerning the previous activities of the firm, if such was conducted;
  • competently execute the papers for the transaction of purchase/sale.

All this ensures in the future, during any kind of inspection, and in General that all “original” documents will be in order and will not present You with unpleasant surprises.