To register real estate and business will be possible in post offices of «Ukrposhta»

To legalize property at Ukrposhta

The Ministry of justice and state enterprise «Ukrposhta» signed a Memorandum of cooperation. The document provides for the possibility of obtaining the registration service of the Ministry of justice on base of public enterprises across the country.

Maybe it became possible because an additional source of income that will be received by «Ukrposhta» in case of approval of the service. However, such a solution is extremely beneficial for state because UkrPost has the practice of granting administrative services. In addition, its offices are in every town and every district of the metropolis, which promises the Ukrainians the ability to legalize property close to home.

A new division of «Ukrposhta»

Registration of real estate at Ukrposhta

Recalling the statement of the Deputy Minister of justice Paul Frost, this is another major step, allows the services of the Ministry of justice to be closer to the Ukrainians.

The acting general director of «Ukrposhta» Igor Tkachuk noted that he understands the responsibility for the implementation of this task and accepts it fully deliberately. According to him, already signed and submitted for the consideration of the Ministry of Infrastructure plan about structural changes of the enterprise for the introduction of registrars as a separate entity in the investments. Selection of appropriate staff has already started.

Tkachuk drew particular attention to the fact that:

  • in post offices has been issued more than 850 thousand subsidies for Ukrainians. This was a decisive factor for decision making, since the step is really very important not only for SE «Ukrposhta», but for the country as a whole;
  • in the near future will be selected 5 pilot regions in which the first registration of real estate and business will have a new format.

Other authorized registrators

According to official data, the accreditation Commission has already received almost 80 applications for the performance of registration functions, 35 of which have already been agreed. This is extremely effective state mechanism, because:

  • the subjects of accreditation, including public notaries and the local authorities are entitled the registration of business and property;
  • citizens and representatives of the business layers quickly and transparently carry out registration activities.

In conclusion, we can say that soon to legalize property can be possible literally a few meters from the house, and, therefore, registration of real estate will take much less time than before. Look forward to the early implementation of the plans and wish to «Ukrposhta» enough resources to implement the plans.