“The leasing boom” in Ukraine: how to make business through loans to enterprises?

Leasing company to buy

“Leasing” is a relatively new word in business, however, due to its functional load, this kind of credit has demand and respect.

To buy leasing companyIn the public understanding of leasing is a long-term financial lease expensive items with option to buy. So it is possible to acquire any movable and immovable property, which the law defined as fixed assets (buildings, machinery, equipment, transport, etc.). Extremely popular today leasing a car: is widely used practice, when the machines are issued on the company and then actually it use employees.

May not be subject to financial and operational leasing:

  • land plots;
  • natural objects;
  • integral property complexes of enterprises;
  • structural divisions (branches, workshops, etc.).

Features of leasing

As mentioned, leasing is a form of loan, however it has several distinctive features:

  • signing the contract with the leasing company, the lessee is only entitled to use the goods – ownership he will receive only after repayment of the stated value of the property. Amount is paid in installments over the period specified, again, in agreement, what could be, as a month, quarter, etc.;
  • for failure to comply with the terms of the contract will be seized specific property, that is the subject of the leasing contract;
  • acquisition of fixed assets in leasing allows businesses to receive certain tax benefits under the law.

Today, it is safe to say that leasing has become one of the banking operations, and contains a set of elements of loan, lease and delivery. It is profitable for enterprises to buy equipment leasing because it allows you to immediately take possession of the property, paying the price gradually. In addition, later the ownership of the goods passes to the lessee.

The mechanism of acquisition of a successful business

It is because of the demand, which every year only increases, there is a need to establish a separate leasing companies, because sometimes for a number of reasons banks has no profitable to implement their own leasing operations.

To buy leasing company in KievIf You want to take ownership of the leasing company, not necessarily pass all the “circles of hell”. Experienced businessmen even thought of resorting to the procedure of registration of legal persons, because they understand that to buy a leasing company – much quicker and easier. Of course, buy ready-made business you need only with the assistance of lawyers, because only specialists corporate law would promote legitimate, transparent and competent execution of documents for transfer of rights that will be the Foundation of Your successful business.

To successfully buy a leasing company, the future owner will need to sign a standard contract of purchase/sale, the subject of which is particular firm. It takes significantly less time, even with the discussion of all the nuances of the previous leasing company operates (if it was) and other commercial details. In total, You can buy a leasing company for 2 weeks, while a register of new company will take at least a month. And in that time You can already start doing business and make a profit.