“Road charm”
“ACCIDENT on transport as obligatory”
“ACCIDENT on transport as voluntary”
Compulsory insurance of fire teams – to legal persons
Обязательное страхование пожарных дружин (юрлицам)

Services of the international company “Alt-Brayer” include as the qualified legal service and maintenance of procedures of insurance. As a result of effective cooperation from one of the most reliable insurance companies in the country ” PROSTO-strakhovaniye “, “Alt-Brayer” has the opportunity to help Ukrainians and nonresidents at accidents insurance on transport, on production, Accidents insurancewith life.

Need similar protection as physical, and the legal entity. In the most usual understanding of this policy, we imagine the guarantee of treatment or material payments at physical mutilations, violations of health, or death. However, there is the certain gradation of policies in this sector. We can offer different programs of voluntary and obligatory protection against accidents, to both ordinary citizens, and the companies.

“Road charm”

Such program provides the organisation and delivery of health care to the person who was injured only owing to a road accident. In particular, doctors of the medical assistance of JSC PROSTO-strakhovaniye will provide:

  • urgent hospitalisation;
  • the out-patient and polyclinic and urgent dental help, including medicaments,

Insurance payments for the rendered services or the provided medicines are performed the next way:

  • To the servicing medical organisation or chemist’s shop;
  • To the insured person, if that independently paid treatment;
  • To the insured person (successor) at the rate from 60% to 100% taking into account complexity of effects if the group of disability (death) is established.

“ACCIDENT on transport as obligatory”

This insurance contract represents importance for owners of land transport, including cars as will provide medical aid and will cover wastes on the treatment of the person, injured accident on transport.

According to the Ukrainian legislation, the limit of payments for such policy makes 102 thousand UAH, In Particular, the insurance indemnity will occur in the case:

  • the death of the insured person because of the state of emergency on transport;
  • establishments of disability owing to getting injured in a road accident;
  • temporary disability.

ACCIDENT on transport as voluntary“ACCIDENT on transport as voluntary”

This type of the insurance policy will be interesting to owners and drivers of cars as on its conditions ” PROSTO-strakhovaniye ” pays financial compensations to the persons which were injured in the case on transport.

The client chooses a number of payments: they can become from 1 to 100 thousand UAH into one passenger seat. The insurance will cover expenses in the case:

  • the death of the insurer because of the state of emergency on transport;
  • traumatising;
  • establishments of disability owing to getting injured in road accident.

Insurance from the borrower – to individuals

This product is directed to accidents insurance of persons from 18 to 65 years who are borrowers of banks. This program means incident as accident at:

  • traumatising;
  • drowning;
  • burns, frostbites;
  • defeat by current or lightning;
  • unintentional sharp poisoning;
  • stings of animal, poisonous insects, snakes, person.

So, “Alt-Brayer” suggests clients to insure the following risks owing to accident:

  • assignment of disability;
  • death.

This policy covers all Ukraine and offers the round-the-clock help. The agreement for a period of up to 12 months is signed.

Compulsory insurance of fire teams – to legal persons

This insurance policy is intended for legal entities which wish to secure fire teams and protection which are in their department.

Compulsory insurance of fire teamsAs insured events according to this policy the following situations act:

  • the death of the fireman;
  • wound (joins – the contusion, the injury, the mutilation);
  • disease,

which occurred or were received during execution of the direct duties.

Final insurance rates vary depending on the number of the insured persons, availability of insured events for last years and payments for them, and also cooperation with the enterprise insurer concerning the conclusion of agreements for other types of insurance. We will promote you when receiving the obligatory insurance for fire crews and teams in Ukraine together with what we will render legal and accounting maintenance of your business.