Accreditation of medical institutionsAccording to the legislation of Ukraine, accreditation is an obligatory point for all legal organisations, in the independence of the level of health service, the pattern of ownership or departmental subordination.

Accreditation of medical institution is confirmation of the professional level of the organisation and conditions for high-quality service of citizens, observance of regulations of the legislation, compliance of employees to uniform qualification requirements.

Of course, to receive the necessary level of accreditation, the organisation shall show, so to speak, working base. The state provided the list of rules which need to be observed strictly.

The main requirements when checking organisation are:

  • availability of the licence for production, wholesale or retail trade by preparations, medical activity;
  • the equipped room meeting sanitary standards;
  • employees with profile education;
  • the conclusion of the sanitary and epidemiologic examination.

Stages of carrying out accreditation

Process — quite difficult and long therefore it is worth involving specialists of the international law company “Alt-Brayer” in preparation for it.

Our lawyers divide the preparatory stage of accreditation into several steps:

  1. In the beginning collecting of the package of documents is carried out. One paper is made out directly in a healthcare institution, and others — only in state bodies.
  2. Further lawyers of “Alt-Brayer” are engaged in the preparation of documents according to each point of the Order No. 142.
  3. And in the end, we will provide all necessary orders, protocols and certificates in bodies of licensing.

Pay attention: without licensing of medical practice carrying out further accreditation is impossible!

Accreditation of medinstitutionsFor the month, the commission makes the decision on assignment of the certain category of accreditation (the first, the second or the highest). Of course, the medical institution hopes to receive the affirmative answer, but it is possible only when receiving not less than 70% of points. Otherwise — the commission will be forced to refuse.

To receive required result, it is worth asking for the help jurists. The international law company “Alt-Brayer” will prepare all necessary documentation in the field of licensing of medical practice. We have long-term practical experience in this sphere, and our lawyers professionally prepared and successfully passed accreditation with more than 50 organisations in all territory of Ukraine.