What photos are necessary on the passport
The size of the photo on the passport of Ukraine
Replacement procedure of the photo in the passport of the citizen of Ukraine

Lawyers of the “Alt-Brayer” international company  co-operate both with foreign citizens and with citizens of Ukraine, providing services practically in all branches of jurisprudence. So, for Adding the photo to the passportour lawyers, one of the most important is immigration law by which lawyers provide the help in replacement of the photo in the passport of Ukraine.

The photograph in the passport is subject to additional glueing in as soon as its owner reaches 25 and 45 age. Without the updated photo the passport is considered invalid, and, eventually, more than one month delay is assessed with penalties.

“The invalid passport” means that such a document is impossible to perform any legal acts (to buy real estate, to register, issue the power of attorney, it.d.). This nuance is significant not only for you but also for the second agreement party i.e. if you, for example, are going to conclude the bargain with someone, it is worth checking the separate availability of the actual photo in the certificate of the citizen of the partner because the agreement will be invalid.

What photos are necessary on the passport

The legislation of each country establishes strict rules of registration of the state documents, and the passport is the first in this list. So, replacement of the picture is made on such “template”:

  • the represented cards shall be identical among themselves;
  • exclusively glossy paper is used;
  • the photograph shall be colour, performed on thin photographic paper without corner;
  • lighting in the picture – uniform, contrast spots are not allowed;
  • the photo in the full face, provision of the head shall be direct, the look is directed before itself, the mouth — is closed;
  • the area of the person shall be clearly visible;
  • the natural skin colour of the person and eyes shall not be distorted;
  • headdresses are possible on the photo only for religious reasons and if they do not hide the face form;
  • imprinting of the person wearing spectacles is not allowed unless the citizen wears glasses constantly.

Cost of adding the photo to the passport

As the cost of adding the photo to the passport can vary depending on many factors, you have the opportunity to contact our lawyers by filling in the short form below, and determine the financial side of the question.

Adding the photo to the passport
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The size of the photo on the passport of Ukraine

In addition to the general rules, there are accurate sizes of photos which are subject to glueing in the passport. Without following these rules, replacement is impossible. Requirements for the Passport photosizes following:

  • the main size of the photograph – 4 x 6 cm (after processing by employees of the passport office the size makes 3,5 x 4,5 cm);
  • the length of the head – in the range from 3 to 3,6 cm;
  • the distance between the top and the upper line of the photo – is no more than 5 millimetres;
  • the width of the person – from 1,8 to 2,5 cm.

Replacement procedure of the photo in the passport of the citizen of Ukraine

Referring to the general rules, replacement of the picture in the passport happens after submission of the established documents at the place of residence through the employees servicing your area. However, along with it, also, the direct appeal of citizens to migratory bodies is not forbidden.

One more important nuance is the place of the address. The legislation says that it is necessary to address in the place of the registration, and it means — if you received the passport document not where you live at the time of achievement of 25 (45) years, you do not have a need to return home for glueing in of the photograph.

Documents which are filed for glueing in of the photo

Replacement of the photo in the passport of Ukraine happens after submission of such documents:

  • passport;
  • 2 photos of the established size and the format.

If replacement of the photo in the passport is performed with violation of terms, employees of MS make the protocol about the admin. violation owing to what to demand payment of the late charge. In that case, it will be in addition necessary to show the receipt confirming payment of the penalty. In addition to this reference, other documents it is not necessary to represent.

Terms of glueing in of the photo in the passport

The main thing for understanding to each citizen of the country is that replacement of the photo in the passport shall be performed in the month after achievement 25-and 45-year age. And it is not recommended to tighten with it categorically as untimely replacement of the photo Paste photo in passportprovides the penalty in the passport.

It is not necessary to address before necessary term as the requirement of the age barrier will not be observed and all the same, you will be “waited” by replacement of the photograph in the month after birthday.

It is necessary to wait for the document with the new picture 5 days – such terms are strictly established by the legislation therefore in the case of the delay of terms you can safely insist on the legitimate right. And it is better — to provide maintenance of the question to lawyers of “Alt-Brayer”, and then it is not necessary to try to obtain anything, to wait and find out because our lawyers will receive for you the updated passport while you will be engaged in personal records.