The Alt-Brayer law company provides high-quality services in registration and agreement signature with the motor transport service in the territory of Ukraine (the agreement with ATE – the auto-transport enterprise) on the parking and maintenance of vehicles. We give the opportunity for the conclusion of the contract with the operating and large autoenterprises of the country that will become the guarantee of uninterrupted providing your enterprise with transport on legal grounds.

The agreement with ATE: sphere of work of lawyers

The agreement with ATE represents the written arrangement between your company and the national motor transportation enterprise. Acts as the subject of the agreement with ATE:

  • providing parking lots;
  • providing technical control over drivers;
  • repair and maintenance of transport.The agreement with ATE

Having asked in our company for the legal aid, you receive consultancy services on the questions interesting you, and also the high-quality support of the conclusion of the agreement with the autoenterprise in Ukraine.

For cooperation with “Alt-Brayer” is required from you:

  1. the conclusion of the agreement with “Alt-Brayer”;
  2. providing documents on vehicles (the registration certificate, the property right and so forth);
  3. the notarial power of attorney in the representation of your interests in such state agencies as MREO, State Auto Inspection and State Tech Oversee.

Lawyers of “Alt-Brayer” will save your time and financial resources, having provided a fast and competent result. And numerous clients who co-operate with the company, not one year can act as the guarantor of the quality of our services, and every time is happy with the result.

Example of the agreement with ATE

The agreement with ATE is formed on the certain template. As well as in any contract, changes and amendments, according to individual desires of the parties can be made there. However, the main points are the following:

  1. Subject of the agreement (area and technical services);
  2. Obligations of the parties (lessor and customer);
  3. Rent (size and due date);
  4. Responsibility of the parties in case of violation of regulations of the agreement;
  5. Names of agreement parties and their legal addresses;
  6. Signatures, seals.

The contract with the car company

If you have no time, the opportunity or it is impossible to open the motor transport service or to sign the agreement with ATE – you only need to address specialists of the international law company “Alt-Brayer”, and your questions I will are resolved for the shortest deadlines.