The Alt-Brayer law company provides consultancy and legal services to subjects of business activities in the field of creation and registration of finance companies and organizations. One of the main directions of our work is company registration on asset management (AMC), legitimate in all territory of Ukraine.

Assets management company registrationRegistration of AMC can happen on profiles of asset management:

  • pension funds;
  • institutional investors;
  • venture fund.

As it is already clear, the company on asset management specializes in coordinating by property of the institutes of joint investment (IJI). Such activity shall be confirmed surely by the corresponding license, and cannot be performed in parallel with other types of activity of the company in the security market. The activity of AMC is seriously regulated by the legislation of Ukraine.

Procedure of registration of AMC

Registration of AMC demands accomplishment of specially statutory rules which will give the chance to obtain the license. It is extremely necessary for legal and effective conducting the specified activity. So, it is necessary to pick up correctly personnel, as appropriate to equip rooms, to issue documentation and so forth. After competent preparation registration of AMC will not represent the difficult process.

So, registration of AMC is performed step by step, namely:

  1. entering of the legal person into EGRPOU;
  2. the accomplishment of license conditions (preparation of the company for work);
  3. obtaining license for asset management;
  4. obtaining the status of a finance

The specified procedure is rather costly and long. Very difficult it is correctly implemented license conditions, to process documents; it is to provide them, etc. Therefore, around the world similar transactions provide in the department of lawyers who specialize in corporate law. Jurists possess always up-to-date information, and also a practical experience which guarantees the correct and fast problem resolution.

Registration of AMC: legal aid

Create AMC in KievIf the plans of your professional activity include registration of AMC, then you should address to the Alt-Brayer company. Our lawyers authentically know – how competently to process documents, to carry out procedure, and to save at the same time your time and finance. Besides, having addressed us, you receive the full range of legal services:

  • consultation on questions of the legislation and corporate law;
  • representation of interests in state bodies;
  • preparation and registration of the package of documents;
  • assistance at the accomplishment of license requirements;
  • obtaining license for asset management;
  • Registration of AMC in due form.

Cooperation with the Alt-Brayer company guarantees the fast result. Work of lawyers is always open for the client and is closed for strangers so registration of AMC will not concern anybody, except the group of people entrusted you.

Being engaged in the specific case, the Alt-Brayer team concentrates attention on each detail that is a guarantee of competent registration of papers, and lack of problems in the future. The multi anniversaries experience of lawyers allows to co-operate effectively with state bodies that allow accelerating the problem resolution, and also to simplify its procedure. Our specialists will provide you services of the company which is really leading in the market which to cares for the reputation, and about each client separately, every time achieving everything the best results.