The Alt-Brayer law company provides consultancy services and renders legal maintenance of opening and registration of the code of the motor transport service (ATE code), and also the motor transportation enterprise in the territory of the city of Kiev and all Ukraine in general.

According to the Resolution KMU, the legal entity which has more than 15 vehicles shall create the autoenterprise. While registration of any vehicles for legal persons on whose balance is from 1 to 15 cars is performed on condition of providing them with the territory for the parking and storage, and also if the enterprise has the code of the motor transport service.

ATE codePreparation for receiving the ATE code

Receive the ATE code rather simply, however, preparation and all process rather long and costly. So, before registration by the legal person of the first car, in management of GAI the following package of documents certified by the common seal and the signature of the director is represented:

  • the copy of the certificate of state registration of firm (the reference from EGRPOU);
  • a copy of the certificate of the payer of the VAT (single tax, or other);
  • a copy of the company charter;
  • the copy of the order on appointment of the responsible person for motor transport of the organisation;
  • the original of the lease agreement of the parking with the motor transportation enterprise (and/or other similar documents on the right of possession the territory for the parking of cars).

The last agreement is especially important as it is confirmation of finding of vehicles in a certain protected territory under the supervision of technical personnel.

Code of the motor transport service by expedited procedure

After implementation of the above-stated procedure, the special code of the motor transport service consisting of the Latin letter and six figures (ATE code) is assigned to the enterprise. Also, at the same time, the corresponding reference confirming the fact of assignment of number is issued. Further, at registration of new cars, the re-registration, and also removal from the accounting of vehicles, the copy of this paper will be provided in MREO among the main documents.

Opening of the ATE code

If you are the head or the representative of legal entity in Ukraine and you need to register the car (or another vehicle), do not trifle the time and money. It is necessary to address at once lawyers of the Alt-Brayer company who know all nuances of the legislation and have long-term practice to the solution of similar questions. The qualified lawyers on questions of the transport law will book fast audit of your enterprise, and proceeding from individual conditions of business, for the shortest deadlines will provide the ATE code for your enterprise.