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How to buy a Ukrainian finance company

How to buy a Ukrainian finance company

Nowadays, Ukraine’s economy continues to grow steadily, despite all the difficulties and challenges. The convergence with Europe, both politically and in trade relations will soon have a positive impact on the economic sphere. Expected arrival of enormous investments from foreign partners, inevitably will benefit the country.

Each person who considers himself an expert in the sphere of financial market at this time should be farsighted and acts before the forecasts of financial analysts will appear in Forbes magazine. It is necessary to take the niche in the business, while the market is not divided, and therefore you must act as quickly as possible. The history of financial success is written by those who dare to explore new horizons, because the most daring persons always win. Moreover, if to monitor the situation, we can see that the first steps have already been taken.

The most promising direction now is the industry, production and rendering financial services to the people. Therefore, the purchasing of financial company will be a good and profitable investment for You. In addition, the Ukrainians always trust to companies with foreign capital, because such companies have traditionally been considered more reliable. More effective foreign management and clear way of doing business – are the main reasons for people to work with foreign firms and partners.

What opportunities will give you the possession of a Ukrainian financial company?

This is to attract funds from legal entities and lending, factoring and financial leasing and much more. Do not forget that the financial companies operating under the authority of National Securities and Stock Market Commission and all financial activities subject to compulsory licensing.

Today, you have an opportunity to avoid all the difficulties with the registration of a financial company – buying the shelf financial company with a name based in full accordance with Ukrainian legislation. International law firm “ALT-BRAYER” can guarantee a simple and clear mechanism for buying, transferring corporate company right, so you could start to make a real profit at once.


How to invest in the construction of housing

Construction financing fund
Real estate operations fund
System specifications

The purchase of a new home is a very risky deal from the point of view of investments into construction and further legalization of property rights. You can invest in the construction of your future home only through specialized funds, and does not directly transfer to the developer. On the market there are dozens of schemes for investment in future housing, but none of them guarantees the timely completion of construction. Of course, there are legal schemes, there are semi-legal.

According to Ukrainian legislation, there are 4 legal investment mechanisms:Investing in real estate


The most common in Ukraine are the first two schemes, which use the most of the capital city`s constructors. Consider them further.

Construction financing fund

In General, the activities of the СFF and the REOF is similar, the only difference in purpose of these organizations. Create or buy a Construction financing fund profitable, if the owner intends only to implement the transfer of housing in ownership by investors. In fact, the Construction financing fund accumulates money and later use them for the benefit of construction.

 The CFF take part in system investments through:

  • The contractor;
  • The steward is a licensed financial institution that acts on its own behalf in the interests of the FSF and manages the money of the investor according to the legislation and the rules of the Fund;
  • The investor – the person (or entity) investing in the construction of their home;
  • Insurance company. This is not mandatory, however the insurance of commercial risks for the leadership of the CFF will be a huge plus for the investor.

So, if You are going to buy a Construction financing fund or invest through funds in future housing scheme of the FSF is as follows. The investor (owner of the apartment) enters into a contract with the Manager for the transfer of property in trust for the funding of construction. In turn, the Manager already has a contract with the Builder, in which the latter should construct the property and then transfer it to the investor.Construction financing fund


In particular, CFF is obtained by the intermediary, which guarantees the investor commitments. So, if the developer violates the terms of the contract, its functions, including the right to change the developer, go to the Manager.

Real estate operations fund

Specified financial institutions who intend to implement income-generation owners of its certificates can create or buy a Real estate operations fund. The FREO attracts funds from individuals (physical and legal) that don’t want to buy a property and want to earn on operations with housing.

For the developer this is an effective way of raising funds for further implementation of their projects. Only financial institution with a special license to solicit funds can create the FREO. To do this he must produce certificates of FREO, which can later be sold to investors (persons wishing to invest in real estate). In fact, these certificates are securities and that`s why they can be bought and sold on the stock market including quotation on the stock exchange. This mechanism allows investors to make a profit even before the completion of construction by implementing their certification FREO.Real estate operations fund


The scheme of creating FREO is really difficult, however it is a very profitable business which moreover is popular in the real estate market. In most cases, to speed up the procedure of creating your organization more profitable to buy a Real estate operations fund .

System specifications

If in the case of the CFF, the investment comes directly from a future owner, then the FREO cooperates with intermediaries, which further implement the certificates on a particular property.

Undeniable advantages of the construction financing Fund are:

  • clear legislative regulation;
  • guarantee the execution of the contract from the Governor, because in case of trouble the functions of the developer are transferred to him;
  • the investor’s right to refuse to participate in the CFF and to withdraw their funds;
  • the opportunity to insure risks of the investor;
  • in the event of bankruptcy of the financial institutions that invested funds are not lost.

There is a huge drawback that comes along with this course: the Manager and the contractor are linked very often in practice. In particular if planning to buy a Construction financing fund, or buy a Real estate operation fund. The stake involve profits are calculated in advance for all to minimize the losses that result in a close relationship with the leader. Unfortunately, this “little” nuance completely negates almost all the advantages of the schemes of financing, because the steward, instead of protecting investors ‘ rights and control over the work of the contractor, actually acts in the interests of the latter.

In conclusion, I want to say that if You do not fully understand the pattern of investment in the construction or God forbid, faced with the inadequacy of one of the systems, it is better not to do anything on their own. So Your decisions is not turned to a loss, so refer to the lawyers, and then Your issue will likely be solved successfully.

Financial results in 2016 of CAM

The largest banks are losing profit in the first quarter of 2016

On April 13, the largest U.S. Bank by assets, JPMorgan was the first in the season of the banks` statements, who provided results for the 1st quarter of 2016 and, frankly, surprised us the decrease in net profit. In comparison with the similar period of last year indicators of NP decreased by 6.7% to 5.52 billion, or $1.35 per share.

Wall Street always pays special attention in the report analysts at JPMorgan, since it first demonstrates earnings from the largest banks in America. Before the presentation, banks were warned about the unstable situation in the markets and about their worries about overall growth. In the end, it’s a deterrent for customers who usually make a significant income from trading operations in the 1st quarter. With all of this, the vast majority of analysts predict the worst start to the year for banks since the financial crisis.

JP MorganJPMorgan Chase Bank

Returning to JPMorgan, the situation is as follows:

  • Income for the first three months of 2016 decreased by 3% and totaled $24 billion;
  • Real income with capital base decreased from 14% to 12%;
  • Trading of securities with fixed income have brought on 13% less than for the first quarter of last year, and it is $3.6 billion;
  • Trade of shares fell by 5% and enriched the Bank at $1.58 billion;
  • Corporate and investment banking “earned” for JPMorgan $2 billion, down 22% from last year. Overall, income in this sector fell by 15%, which is extremely disappointing for the largest U.S. bank.

Bank of America

Further, the results of operations in the first half of 2016 showed Bank No. 2 in U.S. by assets Bank of America.

The financial crisis has left its mark on this giant, reducing revenue by 18%. Net income fell to $2,22 billion, while last year during the same period the Bank has earned himself $2,72 billion. The company associates it with a reduction in trading activity in global markets due to falling raw material prices, the slowdown of China’s economy and instability in key interest rates of Central banks.

Company asset management BlackRock

After reports from the most influential banks in the U.S. were financial reports and the other equally influential figures of the financial market of America, which, alas, did not eliminate the situation. The information will be very informative for businessmen who intend to buy the company for asset management this BlackRockyear.

  • Profit largest asset management company BlackRock in the first quarter also fell, showing a decline of about 20%;
  • Estimating net profit, the company said about fall in NP over the year from $822 million to $657;
  • In the first quarter BlackRock managed to raise $36,08 billion net profit, while last year at this same time, the Bank acquired $70,44 billion (figures vary almost in half).

But there is in the report and a glimpse of victory, because, despite the rather passive position of customers, in early 2016 the company has amassed assets worth $4.74 billion compared to $4,65 trillion at the end of 2015. Such statistics undoubtedly suggests that if You in the short term are going to buy a company asset management, will have to think twice about it. Although, if you will try, even in a crisis you can “stay afloat”.

Wells Fargo Bank

Continuing a series of financial reports, the report has provided the largest market value U.S. bank Wells Fargo. Alas, the report was also disappointing.

  • The Bank stated a decline in profit in the first quarter of 2016 by 5.9%;
  • Net income for the quarter decreased from $5.8 billion to $5,46 billion compared with 2015.


The Bank management explains the situation of need money for overdue loans, and increases in costs. CEO John Stumpf also said it plans to carefully monitor expenses, and, in parallel, to increase the number of deposits and expand their loan portfolios.

In conclusion, the international community ascertained in unfavourable situation on the financial market in the first half of 2016, associated with the collapse of raw materials prices, a decrease in customer activity and increased expenses. We only can advise to the businessmen who planned to buy company asset management, Bank or other financial institution to postpone the decision, or to build “iron” the pattern of development that is highly protected from market fluctuations.

The rating of the largest financial centres

The rating of the largest financial centres in the world

When you select any of the goods or services the majority of us chooses a few manufacturers/suppliers, and then compares them with each other. To help you choose there are different ratings, which are particularly popular in the financial field.

Twice a year the British consulting firm Z/Yen Group makes the ranking of the largest financial regions of the world (Global Financial Centres Index), taking into account:

  • the business environment of the city;
  • financial sector development;
  • the infrastructure of the metropolis;
  • human capital;
  • surveys of financiers.

Below you can see the ranking of the largest financial capitals in 2016, where every businessman wants to buy a financial company.

  1. Toronto

The largest city in Canada appeared on 10-th position, but the presence of the metropolis in this list speaks for itself. Financial district, located in the heart of downtown Toronto, the most densely lined with numerous banks, insurance, brokerage, legal and other firms as well as established the headquarters of the companies from around the world. All this allows Toronto every year to appear in the top most influential financial centres in the world.

  1. Boston

A major role in the economy of the capital of the state of Massachusetts in the U.S. play  financial, banking and insurance sectors. So, exactly here are located the headquarters of the legendary fin. the company Fidelity Investments, Sovereign Bank and State Street Corporation. Also Boston is known as one of America’s largest centers of publishing activity.

  1. san-franciscoSan Francisco, CA

Previously inconspicuous San Francisco, very quickly lifted the economy after the appearance in the South of Silicon valley which requires the involvement of highly skilled professionals. Also this region is home to the biotechnological and biomedical research centers, which allow to attract considerable investments into the industry.

  1. Washington

Washington’s economy is based primarily on the provision of municipal services and employment in public administration. Because of this, many companies and organizations are concentrating their headquarters in Washington or its vicinity, for maximum proximity to the Federal government, and opportunities to lobby their interests.

The most prominent participants in the financial life of Washington are the two largest companies by revenue:

  • the U.S. postal service with a turnover of $68 billion;
  • mortgage agency Fannie Mae with a turnover of $29 billion.
  1. Zurich

Switzerland and Zurich in particular is associated around the world with banks and financial momentum, as this country has successfully passed the numerous storms of the economic crisis, showing itself in a favorable light compared to other financial giants. This region is the safest place to store money and with flexible tax legislation, which certainly attracts businessmen from all over the world.

The financial sector, indeed, one of the most profitable in the economy of Switzerland, so 20% of jobs in the country are concentrated there. Zurich provides employment in the monetary sector for more than 200 thousand people.

In this rating one of the main financial centers of modernity stands on 6th place.

  1. Tokyo

The capital of Japan is not concedes to new York and London in the volume of currency-exchange operations, the number of types of security papers which are quoted on the stock exchange, and the amount of security papers sales. However, the economy of the East capital has its weaknesses, therefore, contrary to the usual, occupies the 5th position in the list of the largest monetary centers in the world.

Buy a financial company in Tokyo is a dream of many businessmen, which is very difficult to implement due to high competition and exorbitant prices for ready business.

  1. Hong Kong

China is ahead of Japan on one step, taking away the primacy because of the free market, low taxes and a state policy of non-intervention in the economy.

Hong Kong continues to be the main financial and commercial centre of Asia and the world with the highest concentration of headquarters in the Asia-Pacific region.

Hong Kong is the most rich city of the Republic of China by GDP per capita and gross city product.

  1. Singapore

Singapore ousted from the number of habitual leaders Tokyo, seeding 3rd place. The level of development of the economy of Singapore is very similar to Hong Kong, however, experts have identified its position above China and Japan.

In fact, Singapore is a highly developed country with market economy and low taxation, in which not last role is played by transnational corporations. A distinctive feature of this city-state is that it sets only 5 taxes, so to buy a financial company in Singapore is not averse to many large global investors.

  1. New York

New York with its legendary wall street, according to tradition, one of the three major financial regions of the planet, which at all times attracted foreign direct investment with its largest and most liquid stock markets.

  • In new York placed the main offices of these financial monstrosities like Citigroup, American International Group, Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs Group, etc.;
  • Also as a place of leadership concentration New York has chosen non-financial corporations Pfizer, Verizon Communications, News Corp., Alcoa, Colgate-Palmolive, etc.;
  • In addition, there are New York stock and commodity exchanges, NASDAQ and American stock exchange.
  1. LondonLondon

Thanks to its liberal legislation, the British capital is deservedly considers itself a key financial center in the world, because

  • In London concentrates 70% of the secondary bond market and almost half of the derivatives market;
  • It is the largest centre of foreign exchange trading and the London market is growing much faster than new York with its 8% growth;
  • From London managed almost 80% of European hedge funds;
  • Almost 80% of investment banking operations pass through the British capital.

Summing up, say, that the three actual leaders annually appears in the top financial centers, but 2016 has shown the ability of Singapore to expel from the third place Tokyo, but new York and London continue to hold the position.

Most likely, investors who want to buy a financial company in the centre of the perspective, will change the view toward the city-state of Singapore, but this, of course, depends on many individual factors. We can only suggest you to study the market before entering into any financial transactions to get (or build) a truly successful business.

To legalize property at Ukrposhta

To register real estate and business will be possible in post offices of «Ukrposhta»

The Ministry of justice and state enterprise «Ukrposhta» signed a Memorandum of cooperation. The document provides for the possibility of obtaining the registration service of the Ministry of justice on base of public enterprises across the country.

Maybe it became possible because an additional source of income that will be received by «Ukrposhta» in case of approval of the service. However, such a solution is extremely beneficial for state because UkrPost has the practice of granting administrative services. In addition, its offices are in every town and every district of the metropolis, which promises the Ukrainians the ability to legalize property close to home.

A new division of «Ukrposhta»

Registration of real estate at Ukrposhta

Recalling the statement of the Deputy Minister of justice Paul Frost, this is another major step, allows the services of the Ministry of justice to be closer to the Ukrainians.

The acting general director of «Ukrposhta» Igor Tkachuk noted that he understands the responsibility for the implementation of this task and accepts it fully deliberately. According to him, already signed and submitted for the consideration of the Ministry of Infrastructure plan about structural changes of the enterprise for the introduction of registrars as a separate entity in the investments. Selection of appropriate staff has already started.

Tkachuk drew particular attention to the fact that:

  • in post offices has been issued more than 850 thousand subsidies for Ukrainians. This was a decisive factor for decision making, since the step is really very important not only for SE «Ukrposhta», but for the country as a whole;
  • in the near future will be selected 5 pilot regions in which the first registration of real estate and business will have a new format.

Other authorized registrators

According to official data, the accreditation Commission has already received almost 80 applications for the performance of registration functions, 35 of which have already been agreed. This is extremely effective state mechanism, because:

  • the subjects of accreditation, including public notaries and the local authorities are entitled the registration of business and property;
  • citizens and representatives of the business layers quickly and transparently carry out registration activities.

In conclusion, we can say that soon to legalize property can be possible literally a few meters from the house, and, therefore, registration of real estate will take much less time than before. Look forward to the early implementation of the plans and wish to «Ukrposhta» enough resources to implement the plans.

Leasing company to buy

“The leasing boom” in Ukraine: how to make business through loans to enterprises?

“Leasing” is a relatively new word in business, however, due to its functional load, this kind of credit has demand and respect.

To buy leasing companyIn the public understanding of leasing is a long-term financial lease expensive items with option to buy. So it is possible to acquire any movable and immovable property, which the law defined as fixed assets (buildings, machinery, equipment, transport, etc.). Extremely popular today leasing a car: is widely used practice, when the machines are issued on the company and then actually it use employees.

May not be subject to financial and operational leasing:

  • land plots;
  • natural objects;
  • integral property complexes of enterprises;
  • structural divisions (branches, workshops, etc.).

Features of leasing

As mentioned, leasing is a form of loan, however it has several distinctive features:

  • signing the contract with the leasing company, the lessee is only entitled to use the goods – ownership he will receive only after repayment of the stated value of the property. Amount is paid in installments over the period specified, again, in agreement, what could be, as a month, quarter, etc.;
  • for failure to comply with the terms of the contract will be seized specific property, that is the subject of the leasing contract;
  • acquisition of fixed assets in leasing allows businesses to receive certain tax benefits under the law.

Today, it is safe to say that leasing has become one of the banking operations, and contains a set of elements of loan, lease and delivery. It is profitable for enterprises to buy equipment leasing because it allows you to immediately take possession of the property, paying the price gradually. In addition, later the ownership of the goods passes to the lessee.

The mechanism of acquisition of a successful business

It is because of the demand, which every year only increases, there is a need to establish a separate leasing companies, because sometimes for a number of reasons banks has no profitable to implement their own leasing operations.

To buy leasing company in KievIf You want to take ownership of the leasing company, not necessarily pass all the “circles of hell”. Experienced businessmen even thought of resorting to the procedure of registration of legal persons, because they understand that to buy a leasing company – much quicker and easier. Of course, buy ready-made business you need only with the assistance of lawyers, because only specialists corporate law would promote legitimate, transparent and competent execution of documents for transfer of rights that will be the Foundation of Your successful business.

To successfully buy a leasing company, the future owner will need to sign a standard contract of purchase/sale, the subject of which is particular firm. It takes significantly less time, even with the discussion of all the nuances of the previous leasing company operates (if it was) and other commercial details. In total, You can buy a leasing company for 2 weeks, while a register of new company will take at least a month. And in that time You can already start doing business and make a profit.

The most popular tax haven

10 most influential tax havens of the world

Offshore are known worldwide for their flexible terms of business taxation. In these zones, is particularly effective to register a company with multi-million dollar income which, because of the specific local legislation, will be deducted a minimum tax, or did not deducts. Simply put, if you buy offshore (or register independently, it will be just longer in time), after a few months or years, the cost of transaction will return to You, and the income will “drip” without deduction of tax.

For many years businessmen around the world have used tax havens to minimize losses, but the scandal with “the Panamanian documents” changed some rules. We will remind, on April was provided a confidential information about major financial savings in the offshore of all-powerful people in the world. This is the most high-profile case in the history of contemporary journalism, called “the Panamanian documents”.

In particular, the published paper also affect our country, covering the financial results of such persons as:

  • Tax havens of the worldPetro Poroshenko, President of Ukraine;
  • Pavel Lazarenko, the former Prime Minister;
  • Gennady Trukhanov, mayor of Odessa;
  • Valeria Gontareva, head of the national Bank, which has already resigned;
  • Mohammad Zahoor, owner of the newspaper “Kyiv Post”, the British businessman who lives and does business in Ukraine.

The consequences of the scandal: the rating of the offshores

Despite all, announcement information reveals only a portion of the concealment global business. The global community has made the top-10 tax havens, which control more than half the market of offshore financial services.

On the top of the rankings reigns Switzerland. Most of the businessmen around the world want to buy offshore in Switzerland, that is why the state controls 51% of foreign assets. Not so far proved to be the United States of America with its share at 19.6%. 7-th position takes Lebanon, whose Banking assets is four times the country’s GDP.

Factoring company to buy

For whom and why is it profitable to purchase a factoring company in Ukraine

The role of factoring companies in the market of any services and products is noticeable and significant. In particular, the work of these organizations is based on the fact that they lend to Buy the factoring companysuppliers, buying short-term accounts receivable, which is usually not more than 180 days.

Usually, in the operation of factoring involves three persons:

  1. The factor (buyer of the requirements) – factoring company or Bank;
  2. Creditor (supplier);
  3. The debtor (buyer).

In certain cases, may be also a fourth party, usually an intermediary (for example, a company that provides a place or e-platform for transactions).

Source of income (functional load)

Factoring company enters into a contract with the product provider that the payment documents for payment of deliveries will go exactly to the factoring company. The factor provides discounting of these documents and pay the customer up to 90 % of the set money amount. Further, when the buyer repays the cost of the goods, the factoring company pays the remaining amount to the supplier, but deducts the interest for the loan and a Commission for their services.

As is clear, the profit of the factoring company lies in these “percent for the credit and services”, and, if to participate in larger transactions, the percentage, by itself, will be too considerable. This business is one of the most profitable in the world, and therefore the ownership of the factoring company automatically brings You closer to success.

Assistance in obtaining business

To get share of the market is not necessarily to register a new legal entity, it is enough to buy the factoring company, referring necessarily to lawyers. Why lawyers? And whom else will You trust the process of transferring rights to the company?

How to buy factoring companyBuy the factoring company is very widespread among businessmen around the world because it allows:

  • To save time, what is important for every business person (if we’re talking about buying a factoring company, the future owner hardly squandered time simply, and lawyers understand this like no other);
  • See similar offers throughout the market, what is impossible, if you look for individual sellers;
  • Quickly get the full rights for the company and by law (it is completely ensured the corporate law experts).
Purchase of insurance company

The formula of quick and successful purchase of the insurance company

Buy insurance company

In each country there are types of compulsory insurance, along with, of course, given the opportunity for voluntary purchase of the insurance policy. The first group includes:

  • Insurance policy liability of the land transport owner (vehicle insurance);
  • Insurance of tourists traveling abroad;
  • Obligatory insurance of fire brigades;
  • Making medical insurance for the foreigner, who is obtaining temporary residence permit in Ukraine, etc.

To optional types of insurance belong real estate insurance, workforce, and other goods. Naturally, the provision of such services falls entirely on the “shoulders” of insurance companies, which now, in spite of many political and intra-market difficulties is becoming more and more.

“Entry” of new firms into the insurance market

The main condition, which forms the theoretical opinion of the future owner – to create or not to create the insurance company is the size of the initial capital, which must be:

  • If the company will provide services of life insurance – 1.5 million euros;
  • To provide other services – 1 million euros.

Long-term practice shows that employment in the insurance market justify the costs of the establishment, so the number of insurers is constantly increasing, which, in turn, generates demand for purchase/sale of such companies.

Buy insurance company KievHow to buy an insurance company, and not be deceived?

Despite the fact that the starting capital of insurance companies is very high, the number of such organizations in the Ukrainian space rapidly increases. And, of course, as in any other sphere of economy, You can buy a company that provides an insurance service.

Ukrainian business (as around the world) for a long time does not need require self-registration of new legal entity. Turning to the lawyers, you can easily buy an insurance company, choosing one that completely fits Your vision for future activities in the selected market. Lawyers in this matter will be the most competent assistants, because they provide not only ready to buy business, but also help to buy the insurance company legitimately and “with warranty”.

Warranty refer to what the specialists corporate law

  • You will submit all the necessary documents concerning the previous activities of the firm, if such was conducted;
  • competently execute the papers for the transaction of purchase/sale.

All this ensures in the future, during any kind of inspection, and in General that all “original” documents will be in order and will not present You with unpleasant surprises.

Investment in the economy to give citizenship

The investors in the economy of Ukraine will receive citizenship

To obtain the citizenship of another country is incredibly difficult. First, if You do not have special privileges because of the relationship with the Ukrainians, the awareness about acceptance in citizenship You will wait for years. Secondly, you need to collect a lot of documents and perform a huge number of requirements. And, of course, have to renounce their native citizenship (in Ukraine it is impossible to have two passports), and for some it is a little Ukrainian citizenship by investmentdifficult psychologically.

In order to obtain nationality of Ukraine, it is necessary to have national roots. It can be either close relatives among the Ukrainians, or if You had citizenship, and now restore it. Of course, You can still get a Ukrainian passport if You are a very important person for the state, however, this procedure is used in exceptional cases.

But there is another option that can be used if all of the above methods are not suitable. The government grants Ukrainian citizenship to foreigners who invested in the economy more than $ 100 thousand (the same basis is relevant for obtaining a permanent residence permit). Despite the fact, frankly, amount big, this option is quite popular.

Conditions of the investing

The essence of the latter mechanism lies in the fact that the foreigner transfers to the account of Ukrainian enterprises more than 100 thousand U.S. dollars. A separate privilege is that it can be the company of the investor.

In order to use this basis for citizenship, you must:

  • To transfer the monetary resource are not to the personal account of an individual, but to Finance certain authorized Fund of the enterprise;
  • To register investment in accordance with the established procedure.

Only with a document about financial investments registration (and, of course, with the rest of the package), You can contact the immigration service, where can start the procedure of changing or obtaining citizenship.

Thus, the Ukrainian citizenship (and permanent residence in this case) approachable not only available to foreigners with Ukrainian roots or active position in relation to that state, but for foreign investors too. This mechanism is not only beneficial in terms of attracting investors, but also really simplifies the scheme for the foreigners legalization.