New technologies in action: biometric passport
The biometric passport in Ukraine

The list of the services, provided by the “Alt-Brayer” law firm, includes the help in receiving any kind of official documents. One of our new services is the help and consultations about the biometric passport obtaining process. Biometric passports are quite a new thing for our country.

New technologies in action: biometric passport

Biometric passport KievAll European countries have already made the upgrade to the new version of the passport. It differs from “classical”, first of all in the fact that besides usual information (the owner’s surname, photo and date of birth) it gives the idea of his/her biometric indicators, for example, the fingerprints.

Benefits are obvious – the microchip with this information not just reduces the risk of falsification, but simply excludes it! It is logical to assume that owners of biometric passports will have more trust in consulates and embassies, as well as on the customs posts when someone with the similar document crosses the border. Therefore, the new document is the one more way to liberalize the visa regime.

Cost of Biometric passport in Ukraine

As the cost of issuance of the Biometric passport can vary depending on many factors, you have the opportunity to contact our lawyers by filling in the short form below, and determine the financial side of the question.

Biometric passport
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Procedure of biometric passport registration

The procedure of making the biometric passport in Kiev, in general, reminds the process of receiving the usual international passport. You come to receiving point (in most cases it is migratory service) and submit the necessary documents together with the application.

Where to get a biometric passport

Payment of the state fee will become the next stage – the biometric passport in Kiev will be issued only after the payment will be confirmed.

After all this, you come again to migratory service where you will be photographed, your fingerprints and your personal signature will be taken to the electronic tablet. Here you can see the brief scenario of how the biometric passport in Kiev is purchased.

Biometric passport: cost and dates

Theoretically, the process of making the biometric passport in Kiev will take twenty days. In practice, it is just that minimum term to which you shall be ready, and whether your document will be ready as the declared or three weeks later, nobody will be able to guarantee.

Migratory services of Ukraine are still frankly not ready to guarantee time limits to issue the biometric passport. Kiev is not the exception here. Sometimes employees simply cannot manage to cope with tasks and forms; the demand is very big sometimes.

How to get a biometric passport UkraineIt is possible, of course, to try making the process quicker, by having ordered the ‘fast’ production, but it is necessary to pay for it some amount in addition, and still – nobody guarantees that the document will appear to you in due time.

For this reason, it is more logical to ask this question to the “Alt-Brayer”. We will help you to register the biometric passport for the minimum amount of time, and your personal participation in the process will take no more than an hour. That is, you should not gather all the documents around instances or to stand idle in turns. We guarantee the biometric passport will be in your hands quickly. Kiev and all other cities equally fall within the scope of our competence.

The biometric passport in Ukraine

The biometric passport in Ukraine is purchased during the procedure which is identical to one we already described. Distinctions consist only that regional services still not prepared for the flow of persons interested, so delays are much more often than in the capital.

Biometric passport Ukraine

Thus, if you wish to issue the biometric passport in Ukraine, but you are going to make it somewhere besides Kiev, then our service has big relevance for you as well. With “Alt-Brayer” you will receive it as fast as possible.

The list of documents for registration of the biometric passport

The biometric passport in Ukraine is issued on the basis of the following list of documents. To receive it, you will need to take the following with yourself:

  • the national passport with two copies of it;
  • VAT ID number (Individual’s Tax card), with two copies of it;
  • your old international passport(s) (if you have one(s)) with a photocopy of each one.

You can freely call to “Alt-Brayer” on any questions – here you will receive professional and irrefragable answers on them.