“Alt-Brayer” – the international law company which provides legal services in all branches of law. One of the priority directions – the help to entrepreneurs in company registration.

If you ever had to face the need to register an own business, then it is not necessary to tell that process this difficult and rather long – at first-time leaves on collecting of the package of necessary documents, and then on the expectation of the answer from competent government institutions.

Регистрация бизнесаThe situation is complicated also, that not each owner of the enterprise is familiar with subtleties of the corresponding branch of law and takes the mass of useless actions that only confuses it and postpones the day when on hands it has the desired act of registration.

In turn, if you neglect this procedure, then sooner or later the state on behalf of tax authorities which guarantee you even more difficult and long trials with the subsequent penalties and execution of responsibility will become interested in your activity.

The same can be told also about the return procedure – termination of the enterprises. Can seem to the unaware person that abolition of business is a case of one day. Actually, there have to pass, at least, two months in order that the state officially recognised you “offside”, and it is exclusive to the theory. The practical embodiment easily can take away from you half a year of precious time, and even it is more.


Type of service

Company registration

Registration of associations

Registration of divisions

Registration of the non-profitable organisations

Registration of the financial companies

Re-registration of the company

Transformation of the company

Accession of the company

Company merger

Allocation of the company

Separation of the company

Termination of the enterprise

Nominee service

Simplification of procedure by means of lawyers

Thus, it is impossible to avoid these procedures, and, here, it is possible to simplify and accelerate them. As to make it, specialists of the international company “Alt-Brayer” know. The saved-up experience allows us to cope easily with legal problems of any complexity for the minimum of time. What do you receive if you ask for the help in our company?

  • Регистрация компанииthe fastest solution of any bureaucratic and legal issue;
  • the minimum personal participation in the process, your problems are professional tasks of our specialists;
  • making of the complete package of documents and their legally right registration;
  • transparent and confidential cooperation, competent legal advice and consultations, and also the complete legal support of the process of registration, restructuring or abolition of your business;
  • democratic commercial conditions of cooperation.

“Alt-Brayer” – your advisor in the field of the business legislation.