Work of lawyers is to inform citizens about the law, and specialists of the Alt-Brayer company do it in all spheres of life and business. One of the vectors of the practice of our jurists is the transport law in this connection we accompany purchase and sale of cars, co-operating with residents, and with foreigners.

Purchase and sale of carsPurchase and sale of the vehicle, though is often desired for both parties, takes away the mass of forces and time. The staff of the Alt-Brayer company will make

  • Removal of the car from accounting and registration for the new owner;
  • Direct re-registration of the car, representing the interests of one of the parties.

Since November 2015 in the country there is no GAI anymore and MREO, however, has a police which separate divisions regulate traffic in Ukraine. Within this reform from now on the procedure of purchase and sale (and other transactions with cars) are performed through the service centres of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Methods of sale

According to the Minister of Internal Affairs, after cancellation of the reference account, it is possible to make sale and purchase of the car:

  1. Through the purchase and sale agreement or donations which are signed by the seller and the buyer personally in any service centre Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. It is performed in the presence of the administrator of the centre. Only obligatory state payments are paid for service;
  2. To notarially certify the purchase and sale agreement which is previously signed by the parties then to provide it in any service centre of Ukraine. At the same time, it will be necessary to pay the state. payments and, by itself, services of the notary;
  3. If you buy the new car in the salon, in the the Ministry of Internal Affairs service centre, is enough to provide the agreement which is confirmed by the seal of the seller and the documents. Only payment of state payments is obligatory.

Help of professionalsBuying the car

“Police reform” gave us the chance to avoid many corruption manifestations, however, upon, the algorithm of many procedures was changed, and not all have the opportunity to understand innovations. In such cases, it is necessary to address lawyers of “Alt-Brayer” who keep up to date, and will always provide actual legal service.

Our lawyers will do everything possible to facilitate for you the most pleasant procedure of purchase of “the four-wheel friend”, or will help to sell rather and legally the car. Jurists of the international company “Alt-Brayer”

  • Will competently process necessary documents;
  • Will represent the interests of the client in the service centre Ministry of Internal Affairs;
  • Will pay obligatory state payments;
  • Will provide “final” papers to the client.

As a result, it will not be necessary to spend personal time for a visit to a government institution, to be engaged in studying of procedure, collecting of documents, etc. We with pleasure will undertake all these efforts, having provided you only fast result.