That it is possible to insure
Insurance risks
Complex tinning

The field of activity of the international law company “Alt-Brayer” in addition to legal service includes services in insurance. So, as a result of effective cooperation with one of the best insurers of Ukraine “PROSTO-strakhuvannya”, “Alt-Brayer” has the opportunity to render maintenance of cargo insurance.

That it is possible to insure

In our country cargo insurance (and/or luggage) which is the property of the subject of entrepreneurship, legal entity or physical person and which moves by means of any vehicle as to the CIS countries, and other states worldwide is voluntary.

Cargo insuranceIn addition to the main object of insurance, we will help to secure:

  • at storage in the warehouse before transportation or in the destination;
  • at intermediate storage / storage in the way;
  • at military risks;
  • from public disorders (revolts, strikes);
  • from piracy.

This policy is profitable to the carrier as includes the opportunity to secure both single transportation of luggage, and signing of the general insurance contract for the period till 12 months. According to such agreement, all loads which are transported by the person throughout validity will be insured.

Insurance risks

The insurance “will earn” if occurs:

  • damage of the load (including wet);
  • natural disaster;
  • theft of luggage;
  • the disappearance of the tech;
  • broken luggage at the overload.

At the conclusion of the insurance policy, it is possible to choose one of three basic conditions of the insurance coverage or to specify the most probable risks. The choice consists in the following.

With responsibility for all risks — “A”. Here the insurer has the opportunity to secure the losses:

  • from damage or loss of the load (all or part) regardless of the reason;
  • at general average;
  • at collision because of vessels which collided.

Cargo insurance KievWith responsibility for partial accident — “B”. If to choose these conditions, compensations are possible at damage or loss of the load (all or part), as a result:

  • natural disaster, explosion, accident, collision, revolution, convergence from rails of the land tech;
  • grounding, the revolution of the vessel;
  • collisions of transport of transportation with any object;
  • unloadings of luggage in the disaster area;
  • courses of water in the vehicle or the place of its saving;
  • losses of parts of the load because of falling overboard, and also emission or washing off of luggage overboard;
  • collisions because of vessels which participate in the conflict.

Not responsible for damage, passing cases of accident — “C”. Here damage or loss of parts of the load because of falling overboard, and also risks by the rules ICC “B” is considered, excepting:

  • earthquake, volcanic activity, lightning stroke;
  • emission or washing off of luggage out of limits of the vessel;
  • flowings of water in the vehicle or the place of storage of luggage.

With responsibility for the called risks — “N”.

Owing to the desire of the insurer, there is the opportunity to secure the load by means of “the called risks”. According to such agreement type, it is possible to choose not one their complete packages and to separately specify those risks which, according to the carrier, are probably for the forthcoming route and the transported load. It is profitable to insurance of one-time transportations.

Complex tinning

Voluntary insurance of loads for many conscious carriers already became an integral part of transportations as on the way there can be everyone, therefore, it is better to secure itself against possible financial wastes in advance. So, if you are going to perform one-time transportation of the load, or you are the legal entity whose business is made by freight transportation, Get cargo insurancesafely address in “Alt-Brayer”.

Our benefit consists that, in addition to services of insurance, we will be able to provide comprehensive support for your business, beginning with the creation of ATP and registration of vehicles, finishing with licensing of internal and international transport, and also, of course, cargo insurance and responsibility of the carrier.