Documents for change of the registration
How to change the registration in the passport

Life in Kiev has the mass of advantages over other cities of the country. The capital provides much more services and perspectives, however, the most part of them “are available” only in the presence of the Change the registration in passportcapital registration. And even if the regional address now appears in your passport, it is possible to replace the registration absolutely without problems, having addressed to lawyers of “Alt-Brayer”

Change of the registration with Kiev has the pluses, such as:

  • Having received the Kiev registration, lease of housing will not represent complexity;
  • The capital registration will help to find a job officially as for the big and influential companies this important condition;
  • Living in Kiev officially, you will appear in the centre of social, scientific, commercial infrastructure of the country, and will be able to take this advantage uninterruptedly.

Having addressed lawyers of the Alt-Brayer company, you will be able quickly to change the registration for Kiev. Also, thanks to the extensive network of partners in all Ukraine, we can register your another city of the country as well.

By co-operating with us, you obtain the guarantee for replacement of the registration according to all regulations of the legislation and in the stipulated terms. Besides, our specialists will render you consultancy services, and will keep informed, especially if there are some difficult situations that as a result “will develop” into comfortable and effective cooperation.

Change the place of residenceDocuments for change of the registration

As any bureaucratic procedure, change of the registration will not take place preparation and representation of the corresponding package of documents which in this case includes such papers:

  • The application of the installed sample for the statement, and also separately — about the registration (it is possible to receive on site);
  • Passport (certificate of birth or certificate on belonging to citizenship of Ukraine);
  • Receipt of payment of the state duty;
  • In the case of change of the residence within Ukraine — the coupon of removal from registration. The document is not submitted in case of the registration with simultaneous removal from registration of the previous residence;
  • The papers confirming the right of the registration in housing;
  • The certificate of capture on accounting internally displaced persons;
  • The military ID or the similar document (for men).

The citizen of Ukraine shall provide the specified list of papers to the nearest department of migratory service, that is the passport office.

How to change the registration in the passport

Each citizen of Ukraine has the right to replace the registration at own will. The main necessary component of the process is the availability of the place of registration, that is, real estate in which you will register legally. However the can situation takes place when it is urgently necessary to Change the registration in the passport of Ukrainebe registered in Kiev, or in another city of the country, but there is no “free” address. For the solution of similar problems, it is necessary to address lawyers, and in particular, in the Alt-Brayer company.

According to the Law of Ukraine, change of the registration shall take place not later, then in 10 days after the statement, however, specialists will reduce this period to the 1 working day. Also, the state regulation says that not only the applicant but also his representatives can submit the application to the passport office. Therefore, lawyers of the Alt-Brayer company can submit necessary documents on behalf of the client, and with ease to replace the registration even without the personal participation of the customer in the procedure.