Citizenship of Ukraine and conditions of its receiving
Standard procedure of registration of the Ukrainian nationality
Confirmation of nationality of the child
Expedited procedure for obtaining the Ukrainian nationality
The list of actions for those who want to obtain citizenship of Ukraine
Order of consideration of the request for citizenship of Ukraine

The Alt-Brayer specialists provide the competent legal aid to nonresidents of the country. One of the directions of our work is the assistance in obtaining the Ukrainian nationality, both on usual and on an expedited procedure, according to the legislation of Ukraine.

Citizenship of Ukraine and conditions of its receiving

Сitizenship of Ukraine how to getThe foreigners applying for such status need to remember several points of the Ukrainian legislation. What is it in particular?

  • You need to accept the laws of Ukraine and its Constitution.
  • You need to provide the confirmation that you have no other citizenship, or that you already refused the previous one. If the laws of your country provide the automatic citizenship termination, then the confirmation will not be needed.
  • You must live in the Ukrainian territory on the legal basis for at least five years. This rule works concerning almost all categories of foreigners. There are only a couple of exceptions: if you are married to the citizen of our country, this term is reduced to two years; and if you were in Ukraine within the status of the refugee, then you will be able to receive the document three years later.
  • You will have to get permission to immigrate. However, theoretically, you shall already have it if lived in Ukraine legally for the given time. Bypassing this point is only allowed to foreigners with the status of refugees.
  • You shall know the state language. Of course, ideal knowledge from you will not be demanded; however, your level of Ukrainian shall be enough to general communication and understanding.
  • You shall have the legal source of the income. In other words, you should be employed, or should have your own business. As well as in several previous points, this rule does not apply to refugees.

Cost of Citizenship of Ukraine

As the cost of issuance of the Citizenship of Ukraine can vary depending on many factors, you have the opportunity to contact our lawyers by filling in the short form below, and determine the financial side of the question.

Citizenship of Ukraine
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Standard procedure of registration of the Ukrainian nationality

There are two options of procedure on which citizenship of Ukraine is made out – this procedure can be either standard or accelerated If you have no privileges concerning nationality, it will be issued on the standard procedure.

Here is how it will be done. Having collected all necessary documents and having fulfilled other legislative requirements, you submit the application for its receiving. In most cases it is all, required from you, however, the application does not mean automatic assignment.

You will be able to obtain the Ukrainian citizenship only after the request is considered by the President’s special commission and they will issue the relevant order which shall be confirmed by the President himself. Therefore, in practice, this process can be dragged out for one and a half years or about that.

Confirmation of nationality of the child

Ukrainian citizenshipUsing the confirmation of nationality of the child, he (or she) is registered as the Ukrainian citizen, if there are enough reasons for that. This procedure is possible if the child is the person without citizenship, or he (she) undergoes the procedure of the citizenship termination.

For persons till 16 years old the certificate of belonging to the Ukrainian nationality is granted for the certain term, namely:

  • To the child till 7 years – for 3 years;
  • To the child over 7 years — till he (she) will be 16.

Confirmation of child’s nationality is also possible if:

  • the child was born or lived in Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic (Ukraine SSR);
  • parents (at least one), the grandfather/grandma of the applicant were born or lived on the territory of USSR;
  • the child did not receive a citizenship by the birthright, having been born in Ukraine after August 24th, 1991.

To start registration of the child’s citizenship, his representative submits the application with other necessary papers to State Migratory Service at the place of residence. One of the parents or the trustee can make the petition. After consideration and the positive decision, the migratory service grants the appropriate certificate to the applicant, which contains personal data about the child, nationality, with reasons for the acquisition, and also the date of issue of the document and term of its action.

Expedited procedure for obtaining the Ukrainian nationality

As for the expedited procedure, issuing citizenship of Ukraine should take no more than one month of your time.

However this option is available only to those who have close relatives among our people – parents, grandmothers or grandfathers, brothers or sisters and so on.

In the same format, you can undergo the process of obtaining nationality if once you already had it; however, it was lost because of any reasons.

At the same time, it does not mean that the accelerated option will exempt you from bureaucratic trials and the mass of documents.

The list of actions for those who want to obtain citizenship of Ukraine

Now we will talk about how to obtain citizenship of Ukraine, to be exact, what is necessary to begin with? First of all, you need to go to migratory service where you will submit the To obtain Ukrainian citizenshipapplication for receiving, plus the package of all necessary documents which will confirm that:

  • you have no other citizenship;
  • during the given term you constantly lived in Ukraine;
  • you have the right to immigrate;
  • You know the language at the level allowing you to issue the Ukrainian nationality.

After that, the process of receiving passes into the stage of consideration of your request.

Order of consideration of the request for citizenship of Ukraine

As it was already told, your request will be considered by the commission at the president –the statement is transferred there by migratory service.

If the commission does not find the mistakes and finds the package of your documents sufficient, the relevant order is transferred to the president, who will sign it. Date of signing will also be considered as the day of acquisition of new nationality by you.

The Alt-Brayer company helps nonresidents to resolve all issues connected with obtaining nationality. Thanks to our professionalism you will be able to resolve it the issue for the minimum terms, having provided the minimum of documents – our employees will take care of all the rest. We will consult you on any aspect of the migratory legislation and we will provide competent protection of your civil interests.