The Alt-Brayer law company provides services for all subjects of business activities in the field of corporate law – purchase and sale of the ready enterprises with current licences of any kind of activity, and also the company with allowing documentation — transfer of the corporate rights of the enterprises with the licence and with the permissions of the new owner according to the legislation of Ukraine.

We offer ready firms for sale of different legal patterns of ownership with already issued licences for such types of business activities as:

  • Companies with licenses in Ukraineconstruction activity;
  • security activity;
  • transactions with ferrous and non-ferrous metals;
  • transactions with salvage and dangerous wastes;
  • tour operator activity;
  • financial activities (factoring, leasing, pawnshop, KUA, FFS, etc.).

The companies with licences for sale



Registration date

Place of registration

System from the taxation

Additional information



Kiev, district Shevchenkovsky 

VAT from 01.11.2015 

Licence for implementation of security activity 



Kiev, district Shevchenkovsky

VAT from 01.05.2016

Licence for implementation of security activity 



Kiev region, Bucha city


from 01.03.2016

Licence for implementation of construction activity 



Rovno city

VAT from 01.02.2016

Licence for implementation of security activity


Buying the corporate rights of the companies with already obtained licences, you at once get to work, thereby accelerating the process of signing of profitable contracts and offers.

You can purchase a ready firm with the current licence or we will help to obtain the licence of any kind of activity “from scratch” in the shortest possible time.

Successful practice of our lawyers and consultants in the field of Corporate Law — purchase and sale of the companies, enterprises, associations, the organisations and financial institutions allows to consider all your purposes and tasks and to provide you the qualified and high-quality legal maintenance at all stages of process of forming and formation of your business.

Alt-Brayer law company — your adviser in questions of Corporate Law of Ukraine.