Benefits of creation of the enterprise based on LLC company
Need of presence at registration
Features of forming of the foreign capital
Obligatory documents for registration

The overseas enterprise is the legal entity which creation completely corresponds to the Ukrainian legislation, and it is located, naturally, in the Ukraine. The capital of such firm belongs to nonresident entrepreneurs completely or in some part.

As the legislation does not present such pattern of ownership of the legal person as “The enterprise with the foreign capital” anymore, it is necessary to consider procedure of creation of Limited liability company which capital will be registered as foreign. Lawyers of the Alt-Brayer company will provide you with the basic and accompanying range of services concerning the considered procedure with pleasure.

Company with the foreign capitalBenefits of creation of the enterprise based on LLC company

It should be noted that registration of LLC company will solve the most important aspects of management for the founder-owner, especially if it is about business outside the native state. Generally, the greatest difficulties when forming the legal person by the foreign founder consist in monitoring activity of firm in the territory of Ukraine.

This form of property gives the main benefits:

  • conducting activity in Ukraine can be performed by means of national partners;
  • the foreign founder does not answer for the debt obligations purchased based on the company.

Cost of registration of the company with the foreign capital

As the cost of registration of the company with the foreign capital can vary depending on many factors, you have the opportunity to contact our lawyers by filling in the short form below, and determine the financial side of the question.

Registration of the company with the foreign capital
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Need of presence at registration

Let’s consider possible ways of registration of the enterprise with the foreign capital taking into account presence of the founder.

First option: the person addressing to the power of attorney in Ukraine and attested is engaged in the procedure. If it happens with our help, then the interests of the nonresident are represented by the authorised lawyer of “Alt-Brayer”.

The second option: send the power of attorney to Ukraine by mail.

For the creation of the enterprise with the foreign investments it is possible not to leave the native state, and especially not to accompany personally all procedure. It is possible only, having contacted lawyers, to make the power of attorney in the consulate of Ukraine in the native land and to send it to lawyers.

In the power of attorney the foreigner grants the right to specialists of “Alt-Brayer” to perform registration of LLC company and to sign statutory documents on behalf of the founder. After all, documents will be ready (and thanks to harmonious work of our tram it will take the shortest time), they can be received by any convenient method.

Features of forming of the foreign capital

Enterprise with the foreign capital

Separately it is necessary to emphasise that for the acquisition of the status of the enterprise by a firm with the 100-% foreign capital, registration of the foreign investments is obligatory. Lawyers of our company have experience of similar transactions that guarantees success not only registration of investments, but also the hassle-free creation of LLC company on the territory of Ukraine.

If the amount of the authorised fund reaches 100 thousand dollars, you will be able to obtain the permanent residence or citizenship of Ukraine. It is possible to make it besides by means of our specialists.

Obligatory documents for registration

  • Passport copies of founders;
  • Copies of identification numbers of founders;
  • Passport copies and TIN of the director and chief accountant of the enterprise;
  • Copies of certificates of state registration of FLP if such are among founders;
  • The power of attorney (to send/sign personally in the presence of lawyers).

Registration of the enterprise with the foreign capital is a rather difficult procedure which demands professional maintenance of the question. Lawyers for the international company “Alt-Brayer” in perfection have the necessary knowledge and practical skills that guarantee the fast and correct creation of the company, and, automatically, the good legal base of your business in Ukraine.