The Alt-Brayer law company provides consultancy and legal services on creation and registration of the auto transportation enterprises (ATE) for in the city of Kiev and to other regions of Ukraine.

Creating of ATE

The opening of ATE demands big enough time expenditure, and also availability huge documentary and material and technical resources which surely should be approved by SES, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, service of ecology and Department of GAI. But the long-term practice of our lawyers will allow considering your purposes and, therefore, to provide high-quality legal maintenance of permission of the question of transport service of your business that will allow getting rid of unnecessary efforts, having received at the same time the fast guaranteed result.

In what case registration of the auto transport service is necessary

According to the Resolution KMU, creation of the auto transport service is obligatory for legal entities on which balance more than 15 vehicles which treat are registered:

  • cars;
  • buses;
  • autocycles and authorised carriages;
  • trailers and semi-trailers.

So, registration of the auto transport service is carried out if the enterprise has places for the parking and storage of transport that is confirmed by the corresponding lease agreement or other documents. In addition, when opening ATE it is necessary:

  • Opening of ATEhave the head of the auto transport service (ATE) with suitable requirements for this position;
  • employ on permanent work specialist in safety issues of traffic who will keep the magazine of instructing;
  • provide the condition for medical examination of drivers by the conclusion of the agreement with the doctor.

Feature of this procedure is that opening of the auto transport service can be performed in the territory which is not attached to the place of registration of your enterprise in any way, however, all payments (collecting at registration and the tax in the Pension fund) should be performed in the place state fixations of the legal entity.

Opening of the auto transport service:

formality of the question

Naturally, registration of the auto transport service means collecting and representation of rather a big package of documents. So, if you entrust this case to lawyers of the Alt-Brayer company, we will need the copies of the following documents certified by seal and the signature of the director:

  • Certificates of state registration of the enterprise (or according to changes — statements from EDRPOU);
  • Certificates of registration in tax authorities;
  • Charter of the enterprise;
  • Certificates of the payer of the VAT (Single tax);
  • Documents on cars;
  • Lease agreements of the territory under parking.

The procedure for creating of ATEIn detail about the procedure of registration, the necessary package of documents, duration of all process and other nuances you will be able to learn, having made a visit to lawyers of the Alt-Brayer company.

Entrust registration of ATE to lawyers of our company, and we will give help in forming of the package of documents, and then we will give it from your name for consideration to the instances, and also we will advise how to correct defects in the organisation of conditions of keeping of the TS and so forth. As a result — you receive the registered ATE and will be able to do further business, without paying attention to transport questions.