The Alt-Brayer law company provides the qualified services for subjects of business activities at registration of associations in all territory of Ukraine and beyond its limits. Competence of our jurists allows not only to carry out procedures for creation of legal persons of the different form but also to accompany their activity that does possible multi-profile cooperation with our company.

Procedure of registration of association

Registration of the association

Creation of such form of consolidation as association includes such stages as:

  1. Choice of the unique name of association;
  2. Preparation of constituent documents;
  3. Notarial assurance of documents;
  4. Payment of the state fees;
  5. Registration in all relevant funds;
  6. Registration in Public Administration;
  7. Approval of the sketch and production of the stamp;
  8. The help when opening the settlement account in bank;
  9. Registration in Tax Authorities;
  10. Representation of interests in Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine;
  11. Permission of AMK.

All above-mentioned stages may be performed by lawyers of “Alt-Brayer”. Only the main package of documents concerning founder legal persons who create an association is required from the client.

How to register association independently?

Ccreation of associationIt is possible to cope with the procedure of registration of association by own efforts, of course. However, it is feasible only for those who

  • knows algorithm of actions in detail;
  • is familiar with the demands made to documentary registration;
  • owns the list of the papers necessary for the representation of AMK.

For the others, the considered work will be excessive. However it is even possible not to spend the precious time for consideration of above-mentioned stages of the procedure, and at once to address lawyers of the Alt-Brayer company.

You remember in order that registration of association was performed quickly and hassle-free, it is worth addressing competent specialists who for short terms will provide a ready result. The qualified team of our jurists is ready to start working from the moment of the first handshake, having competently satisfied all conditions of cooperation.