By services in corporate law the Alt-Brayer law company provides consulting services, and also maintenance of procedure of registration of corporations in all territory of Ukraine and abroad.

Features of corporation

The corporation is a very common form of the legal person as can purchase resources, own assets, make and sell products, take and grant the loan, etc., that is – to carry out similar functions which perform the enterprises of any other type. However, the main benefit of similar forming is that it is the most effective form of the organisation of business for the attraction of the money capital.

Creation of corporations KievIn effect, there are four signs of similar forming:

  • The corporation is the legal entity;
  • It is characterised by the limited liability of founders;
  • It is possible to sell shares freely;
  • Has the centralised management of Board of Directors.

Rights of participants

Along with the fact that participants of corporation are, in effect, its owners they have the number of the rights:

  • leave structure of the legal person at own will;
  • receive the part of the profit of firm;
  • obtain the data connected with interests of the corporation;
  • be the member of other corporations provided that it does not contradict rules of the company or the law.

This list, not boundary can be also continued on the conditions caused by the foundation agreement or the charter.

Main stages of registration of corporation

Algorithm of registration of corporation rather long, though, at first sight not especially difficult. However, the main difficulties cause serial visits to different civil services with the mass of documents which need Creation of corporationspreviously to be collected in full and to fill competently.

Therefore, it is simpler to provide all cares connected with the creation of a corporation to qualified specialists who have sufficient work experience with similar affairs and guarantee the high speed and quality of providing a result. In particular, lawyers of the Alt-Brayer company will accompany the following transactions:

  • Determination of the company name;
  • Preparation of constituent documents;
  • Notarial authentication of papers;
  • Payment of the state duties;
  • Registration in all necessary funds, and also in Fiscal Service;
  • Registration in Public Administration;
  • Forming of the sketch and production of the seal;
  • Opening for corporation of the settlement account in bank;
  • Representation of interests in Antimonopoly Committee;
  • Obtaining permission of AMK to the activity of the corporation.

Legal assistance of “Alt-Brayer”

Creation of corporations UkraineOur company has the main office to Kiev, and also a branch in Rovno. You can address us personally, or call us using the number, provided on the website. However, the coverage of services by the provided cities is not limited. We will help to register a corporation in any corner of the country, providing in addition to the above-stated services, complex consultations concerning the case in point.

Qualification of our specialists allows going in successfully not the first year for corporate law, having at the same time a large number of grateful clients, many them which already became constants. We will take care of your business until you deal with more important issues in personal time.