Specialists of the Alt-Brayer company in the field of the transport law provide the qualified help to foreigners, and also residents of Ukraine at the customs clearance of the car.

The fact of common knowledge that when importing the car to the territory of Ukraine it is necessary “to obtain customs clearance” of it. For this purpose there is a certain framework in The customs clearance of car5-10 days depending on the method of the crossing of the border, however if your visit is longer than this period – the customs clearance is obligatory.

This procedure always caused not the most positive associations with people who want to bring the car from other state and what to speak of foreigners who want to cross our border on own transport. The similar relation was created, at least, owing to the huge tax rates to what the ambiguity of the principles of their charge is supplemented.

Taking into account it, lawyers of “Alt-Brayer” will help not only to understand all subtleties of the procedure but also completely will accompany the customs clearance of the car so you should not spend on it personal time. We will tell in what amount transportation of the car through border will manage to disseminate fog in this area.

Customs clearances calculator

According to the statistics, the vehicles which are most often imported into Ukraine are cars, motorcycles, trucks and buses therefore and we will pay them special attention. And here, actually, what additional payments expect fans of foreign cars.

  • Import duty. This tax makes 10% of the total customs value of the car. The specific payment is collected from diesel buses for transportation 10 people and more with the engine displacement more than 5 litres — 20%, the car with the electric motor — 8%, new automobile cars with the engine more, than on 3 litres — 6%;
  • Calculator customs clearanceThe excise tax or the excise duty is absolutely differently for separate types of cars. Here “age” of the car, type of fuel, volume or engine capacity is considered. Let’s remind that March 2014th “presented” us increase of rates of this tax on new cars twice, and 2015 — entered separate rates on lorries, and increased by cars a little;
  • Import fee — 5% of the customs price of the car. The government is going it to cancel, however since February 16, 2015, temporarily it is also necessary to pay it;
  • The VAT (in Ukrainian ‘PDV’) — 20% of the calculated bag according to the above-stated list.

Except all specified payments at the choice of “the steel friend,” it is necessary to consider still that in Ukraine the transport tax which owners of cars with the engine annually pay more than 3 litres works and 5 years are not more senior. Such payment makes 25 thousand UAH.

The cancelled duties

At the moment, we have rather a short list of obligatory taxes at the customs clearance, but earlier this list was supplemented with the special duty which worked until April 2013 to 2015, and also utilisation collecting. The last was functional from autumn of 2013 to April of the next year behind it. Collecting made 5500 UAH for automobile cars and 11 thousand UAH for lorries. Besides this amount increased depending on the engine, weight and age of your “swallow” according to the coefficients determined by the legislation.

Professional complicity

At many foreigners or our fellow citizens who deliver the foreign car to Ukraine can simply not be time for sitting at customs and to fill in the mass of documents. Drawing up the customs Assistance in customs clearancedeclaration and calculation of taxes, and then still their payment according to the conforming standards – rather long action so for this purpose it is necessary to allocate in the afternoon or even day.

Thanks to the professional help of lawyers of the Alt-Brayer company you should not care for the legalisation of the car according to the Ukrainian rules. Everything that is necessary – it is to agree to cooperation with our jurists and to append the signature to the necessary paper. After that, you will have all documents on hands, and you will be able hassle-free to move op territories of our state.