Registration of foreign citizens is what all foreigners shall take care of in the first place after crossing the border of our state. Set of procedures for the legalisation of stay of the foreign person in the country grants the right to stay in Ukraine on legal grounds, and also to conduct Registration of foreignersthe legal activities in our state.

Registration in “foreign” state is necessary, irrespective of urgency, and gives the chance to freely to co-operate with bank institutions, tax authorities, migratory and other civil services. Legally competent registration of foreigners in the countries of the abroad, and also its timely prolongation will allow:

  • to move freely on the territory of the country;
  • to perform business activities as solely (entrepreneurship), and as a part of large economic subjects;
  • avoid questions from representatives of different state structures.

Registration of foreign citizens

is prime necessity of the international visit

Illegal stay in Ukraine is the gross violation of the Law that, in turn, attracts not only the administrative responsibility but also deportation from the country. So, it is well-known about need of registration, however not everybody understands true essence of this requirement:

  • From the state’s point of view, registration of foreigners is necessary for the controlled flow of immigrants to the country, accounting for such movements, drawing up statistics, the ratio Emmy- and migrations, etc.;
  • However registration of foreigners is necessary also for foreign guests as will make their stay in the country more comfortable. So, the specified procedure allocates immigrants with privileges of the Ukrainian citizens and gives the chance to realise in reality the drawn-up plans in full.Legalization of foreigners

Cost of Foreigner registration in Ukraine

As the cost of Foreigner registration can vary depending on many factors, you have the opportunity to contact our lawyers by filling in the short form below, and determine the financial side of the question.

Foreigner registration
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Unfortunately, practice shows that often independent registration of foreign citizens in Ukraine comes to an end with the unjustified tightening of the process. Therefore, on the purpose of fast and effective permission of the question, it is better to address specialists of the international company “Alt-Brayer” who will help to be legalised with the country without problems and delays at once.

Legally competent registration of foreigners

The foreigners who arrived at the country for a short time shall be registered in Ukraine in the border check-point, however, long-term visit is subject to fixing in State Migration Service.

Violation of conditions of registration, or the legislation in general inevitably involves both financial troubles, and a prohibition on entry into the country. In order to avoid the specified problems, it is necessary or to study in detail the legislation of the country, and also all accompanying nuances, or to entrust procedure to lawyers.

Lawyers of the Alt-Brayer company which renders the wide range of consulting, and also Legalization of foreigners in Ukrainepractical services in the field of migration law can accompany such stages of legalisation of foreigners in the country:

  • registration in migratory service;
  • registration of the right to employment;
  • receiving residence permit in Ukraine;
  • registration of citizenship of Ukraine;
  • drawing up the invitation to foreigners.

Registration of foreigners is pretty difficult procedure owing to features of the Ukrainian legislation. In such case it is necessary to consider the purpose and term of migration, to compare with the state agency which performs legalisation, to adapt to work on structure, to create the package of documents, etc. The key to success is work experience in the migratory sphere, and also knowledge of subtleties of effective cooperation with representatives of civil services. Therefore, registration with lawyers of “Alt-Brayer” will bring you only fast and surely positive result in this connection stay in Ukraine will allow performing freely planned purposes.