The international law company “Alt-Brayer” provides the qualified complex of legal and consultancy services in the field of migration law of Ukraine, and in particular, accompanies Immigration permitregistration of permissions to the immigration of foreigners to Ukraine.

If you have desire to connect the life with our amazing country for the long period, so according to the legislation, you should receive a residence permit, and it, in turn, guarantees visit of the public migratory service. The specified procedure represents rather a difficult algorithm of cooperation with employees of state structures, collecting and submission of documents, etc. However, lawyers of the Alt-Brayer company will undertake all paper efforts than will facilitate to you arrival and life in the country.

Who can get permission to immigration to Ukraine

The right to constantly live in Ukraine, the foreigners purchase it together with a residence permit, however for obtaining such certificate it is necessary to issue permission to immigration to Ukraine at first. The Alt-Brayer company is ready to consult and provide the legal assistance in the course of obtaining permission, and also to completely accompany the procedure.

The list of categories of foreigners which have the right to get permission to immigration on the quota is provided in the legislation of Ukraine. That is, for the below-stated persons the amount of places which can be borrowed throughout some period is established. Here belong:

  • Highly qualified specialists necessary for the country;
  • Necessary scientific and cultural figures in Ukraine;
  • Foreigners who invested more than $100 thousand in development of economy;
  • Family relations of citizens of Ukraine;
  • Foreigners who already had the Ukrainian nationality;
  • The spouse, minor children, and also parents of the immigrant having the permanent residence in Ukraine;
  • Refugees to the country;
  • Victims of human trafficking.

Cost of Immigration permit in Ukraine in Ukraine

As the cost of issuance of the Immigration permit in Ukraine can vary depending on many factors, you have the opportunity to contact our lawyers by filling in the short form below, and determine the financial side of the question.

Immigration permit in Ukraine
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To obtain an immigration permitAlso, there is the list of foreigners who is guaranteed to get permission to immigration out of turn:

  • Children and parents of citizens of the Ukrainian state;
  • The foreigner who got married to the citizen of Ukraine more than 2 years ago;
  • Persons who can obtain our citizenship on the basis of the territorial origin;
  • Trustees of citizens of Ukraine, and vice verse.

The qualified help when obtaining permission to immigration

The Alt-Brayer company — your reliable employee and the assistant. We hope that the address to us will be the productive transaction for you, and we will make every effort for the most effective help in the implementation of plans.

To get permission to immigration is one their main steps for the foreigner who wants to be legalised in Ukraine for the long period. And this procedure is difficult. Practice shows that the desire to independently get permission is reduced to zero owing to ignorance of the legislation, nuances of the procedure, etc. For this reason, to save time, money and nerves it is recommended to address specialists in migration law. Such assistants are lawyers of the Alt-Brayer company who will get for you permission to immigration to Ukraine for the shortest terms.

The principles of our work are based on the long-term experience of cooperation with clients of absolutely different purposes and views. In effect, practical activities of the international company “Alt-Brayer” are based on such:

  • Who will get the immigration permitopenness and availability – we get down to business any complexity if it demands legal intervention;
  • responsibility – we warrant for the quality of result;
  • confidentiality – customer information is closed for strangers;
  • efficiency – we will mobilise all resources of the company for the fast and qualitative solution of your question;
  • success – we have a big base of clients who already became constants, and it is the impressive indicator of success.

Lawyers of “Alt-Brayer” are appreciated and respected in professional circles that testifies to qualification and sufficient level of practice of jurists. Addressing us, you receive not only the fast solution of your questions (in this case – permission to immigration Ukraine), but also reliable assistants on the future who already know nuances of your stay in Ukraine, and are at any time ready to come to the rescue.

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