How had insurance protection works?

Automobile insurance is the most widespread type of insurance in the world (and in Ukraine – also obligatory). And though in present time officially it is possible to protect the car nearly continually, but to make it quickly, reliably and qualitatively not everywhere is possible. The Alt-
Automobile insuranceBrayer company understands how important is to find the reliable assistant for car insurance, therefore, signed the agreement of cooperation with one of the best insurance companies in Ukraine “PROSTO-strakhovaniye”, from now on offering the clients the complex help with the transport law.

The policy of the CASCO as much as possible protects the car from various troubles which can happen on the road – whether it be the mistake of the driver, or influence from outside, giving full assistance at the settlement of effects of incident, repair or payment of compensation.

If you have no experience of cooperation with insurance companies, lawyers of “Alt-Brayer” will consult rather most comfortable conditions of procedure, will help to choose the suitable program then to accompany the insurance of your car.

How had insurance protection works?

If to your car there are any troubles, the insurer (“PROSTO-strakhovaniye”) will solve everything, connected with it, problems:

  • at the emergence of the insured event, the employee of the center of support will prompt that he should be done in this situation, will cause the tow truck, the average commissioner, traffic police or ambulance;
  • on arrival, the average commissioner will help with engagement with other participants of incident and police officers, and also will process necessary documents for the assessment of the case and further payment of the insurance;
  • the tow truck will bring the car to parking lots;
  • after the assessment of damage to the car, it will be sent for repair or compensation will be paid to you.


This universal offer which is actual for each driver. Thanks to the choice of conditions of the insurance, you can create that protection which most conforms to personal requirements.

This program can include protection according to the complete list of risks:

  • “Damage” – damage, breakdown or destruction of the tech to road accident, as a result of influence of strangers, self-ignition,
    contingencies, and so forth;
  • “Illegal taking” – theft of the car;
  • “The additional equipment” – damage or theft of additional equipment which was established on the tech and was not included in the factory package.

Insurance of automobileAdditional benefits of the package:

The guaranteed payments without documentary confirmation of competent authorities:

  • Boundless addresses at small external injuries of the car in the absence of other damages of the tech;
  • Compensation to 30 thousand UAH – 2 times in the year, at the insignificant damage of the body as a result of road incident if other participants of traffic were not involved, or during the parking at the impossibility of establishment of the perpetrator.


This program is the prototype of the program 50/50 existing in the Ukrainian market long ago. For experienced, professional drivers the insurer provided the opportunity to save on insurance of favorite “swallow” and significantly reduced insurance rates on this service, providing at the same time the complete covering.

A feature of this package is that at the approach of the unexpected event (except stealing and total loss of the car) for compensation it is necessary to pay in addition 50% of the general payment under the agreement. So, if there is nothing bad happened to the car, you keep the half of cost of the agreement of the CASCO.

The similar type of the insurance perfectly is suitable for experienced drivers who extremely seldom participate in road incidents and subject transport to damages. The program helps to minimize expenses on the insurance, having at the same time full protection of the car.

Additional terms:

  • the cost of the car shall be less than $50 thousand, and the car itself should be 10 years or younger;
  • services of the free technical help are not provided (250 UAH over the cost of the agreement);
  • together with the package, 50/50 parallel registration of the agreement of voluntary insurance from accidents is obligatory and/or for the responsibility of the car owner for the total amount more than 190 UAH.


Insurance of the tech is exclusive in the case of stealing or final death – it is very rare offer in the domestic market of car insurance.

Today it is difficult to surprise with news of stealing of the car, and even the most, at first sight, reliable systems, if necessary, can be deactivated by malefactors. Therefore, along with the Auto insurance (CASCO)installation of ants creeping system, acquisition of the complete CASCO (insurance upon damage and/or the illegal taking), or, at least, the insurance contract from stealing or complete death will not prevent.

This package can be interesting to “skilled” drivers who do not need insurance upon damage of “the iron horse”. The product is also expected persons who consider it necessary to protect the car from various encroachments but do not want or cannot purchase complete insurance of the CASCO (stealing and damage).

Additional terms of the package:

  • the car shall be “younger” than 10 years, worth 80 – 800 thousand UAH. Registration of the agreement is preceded by obligatory survey and photography of transport at office of division of the company;
  • availability of anticreeping system is obligatory;
  • the age of the driver shall not be less than 25 years and the experience of driving — the 2nd.

Having addressed to our company, you will insure the car, as in the complex with other services concerning your tech, or separately taken the case. But anyway everything will be legal, without reefs and the hidden costs. We co-operate directly with an insurance company that guarantees the complete success of the question, and your safety and your transport in the future.