Proprietary insurance of individuals
Proprietary insurance of legal persons

Services of the international company “Alt-Brayer” are not limited to consulting and legal. Along with it, our specialists provide extensive insurance service in the territory of Ukraine for residents and foreign citizens. As a result of effective cooperation from one of the leading insurance companies in Ukraine “PROSTO-strakhuvannya”, “Alt-Brayer” has the opportunity to render maintenance of insurance on real estate, and also a responsibility to the third parties during the flooding, the fire on real estate, etc.

Proprietary insurance of individuals

 Insurance of real estate“JUST HOUSE”, “HOUSE STANDARD”

Thanks to these offers of PROSTO-strakhuvannya insurance company individuals can secure themselves and cover financial expenses at the emergence of such force majors as the fire, flooding, breaking and theft, etc.

What is it possible to insure?

  • house, part of the house, summer house, cottage, garden house;
  • engineering communications of any application;
  • internal and external finishing of the real estate object;
  • technical equipment (heaters, conditioners, alarm system, etc.);
  • personal estate (furniture, household appliances, and so forth);
  • barriers;
  • economic constructions in the territory of the site where the house is located.

The policy will cover wastes if occurs:

  • fire, lightning strike, explosion, including participation of the third parties;
  • flooding, including participation of the third parties;
  • natural disaster (hail, heavy rain, earthquake, etc.);
  • burglary, robbery;
  • damage to the house or barrier by the vehicle.

According to the provided programs, the conclusion of the insurance contract does not demand to draw up the statement, survey and forming of the inventory of structures and the list of property. Such need arises only at the insurance of household items and technical equipment 5 000 UAH, and also in houses with seasonal accommodation are more expensive.


By means of this policy, it is possible to insure literally any part of the flat, including walls, the floor, internal finishing, furniture, household appliances, etc. The insurance contract will cover your wastes if to housing there are similar actions which are painted in the explanation to the Proprietary insurance of individualspolicy “JUST the HOUSE”.

Insurance risks are united in two insurance packages:

  • The package 1 includes insurance on the categories “Fire” + “Natural disasters”;
  • The package 2 integrates all insurance categories.

Proprietary insurance of legal persons

At any moment of the activity, the enterprise can face destruction or damage of the property as a result of the influence of different circumstances. Unfortunately, it can lead not only to damage of property and real estate in general, and also the suspension of productive activity but also to liquidation or bankruptcy of all company.

Can insure the property of the legal entity not only his owners but also physical and legal which bear responsibility for its safety (under lease, leasing, safe custody and so forth).

What is it possible to insure?

  • fixed and revolving funds of different function:
  • buildings and constructions, including their constructive elements and engineering systems;
  • internal repair of rooms;
  • furniture and the equipment, including production and trade;
  • computers and office equipment;
  • commodity and material values and stocks;
  • products, stock, other property.

In addition, the insurer gives the opportunity to secure himself in the case of damage of glass elements of commercial constructions, and also to be secured against losses during the break.

The insurer will indemnify loss if occurs:

  • fire, lightning strike, explosion, natural disaster, and also posh dog;
  • effluence of liquid from different systems in the territory of real estate, including liquids from the neighbouring rooms;
  • the wrong inclusion of automatic fire extinguishing systems;
  • Proprietary insurance of legal personsburglary, robbery, robbery;
  • the damage caused by transport.

Conditions of the insurance indemnity:

  • at the damage of insured property of JSC PROSTO-strakhuvannya compensates the cost of repair to bring insured property to the previous normal state, minus the franchise;
  • at the destruction of real estate the insurer will compensate the bag specified in the agreement for such a case, or the actual value of the property at the time of occurrence of circumstance without the cost of the remaining balance of property suitable for further operation or implementation, less the franchise.

Thanks to the PROSTO-strakhuvannya company whether it be the physical, whether it be a legal entity, can insure the real estate from  the different impact  of negative impact, and also a responsibility to the third parties for inadvertent damage to their property. However, by means of lawyers of “Alt-Brayer,” you can receive the insurance in the complex with other services, without spending excess time and money.

So, for example, having asked us the question of company registration, you can insure this real estate at once. We co-operate directly with an insurance company that guarantees complete success and legality of the question, and also the safety of your housing, business and production rooms in the future.