Insurance services for physical persons and legal entities
Choice of the reliable insurance provider
Complex service of our lawyers

The Alt-Brayer company aims to give most in a complex help to the clients, providing maintenance of legalisation of foreigners in the country, the basis and business, registration of the car, etc. The mentioned procedures often are closely connected with insurance – whether it be for completion of the procedure (receiving residence permit), or further (insurance of vehicles). For not to involve in cooperation of intermediaries that the client should pay from own pocket, our company renders insurance services “on site”.

Insurance in Kiev

So, services of the international company “Alt-Brayer” are not limited especially consulting and legal. Along with it, our specialists provide extensive insurance service in the territory of Ukraine for residents and foreign citizens. As a result of effective cooperation from one of the leading insurance companies in Ukraine “PROSTO-strakhuvannya”, “Alt-Brayer” has the opportunity to render maintenance of the following transactions.

Insurance services for physical persons and legal entities

List of insurance services

Automobile insurance (CASCO)

Civil responsibility insurance (OSAGO)

Increase in the civil responsibility (DGO)

Insurance of real estate

Liability insurance

Accidents insurance

Travel insurance

Cargo insurance

Medical insurance of collective

Medical insurance of foreigners

Choice of the reliable insurance provider

It is well-known that such insurance not to the end understands the algorithm and future indemnification at the loss occurrence. Of course, the insurance of the car or tourist is what we do even without reflecting as a priority need of protection. Often such operations are performed “without departing from cash desk”, that is – the tourist insurance is made out together with the permit, and insurance of the car can be ordered nearly upon purchase of the vehicle. However not always it “goes on the set” and often it is not absolutely reliable.

Of course, separate mentioning is deserved by insurance of real estate, loans, medical insurance, insurance of foreigners when receiving a residence permit, etc. – that is those services which should be ordered separately is obligatory. Here it is already necessary to find the assistant who:

  • it will be reliable;
  • will well explain payment procedure of insurance premiums, charges of payment in case of need, and compensations of this amount;
  • has a full range of services that will prove once again competence of specialists of the company and professionalism.

Insurance. KievComplex service of our lawyers

The specialists of the Alt-Brayer company providing insurance services guarantee you legality and service quality. Our main benefit is that we can accompany in a complex any procedure which demands (or further will request) insurance. That is:

  • helping you to get the driver’s licence, or numbers on the tach, or accompanying procedure of registration of the car, we right there will issue to you the insurance so that it is not necessary to spend excess time for search of the good provider and to overpay it the unearthly amounts;
  • addressing us for receiving a residence permit, we not only will quickly and competently accompany your legalisation in the country but also, without involving intermediaries, we will receive for you the health insurance.

Apparently, having come to us for the help, you receive not only comfort of cooperation, but also the competent legal and insurance service “from A to Z”. “Alt-Brayer” guarantees service quality, warranting for each provided result.