Procedure of registration of investments
Secure registration of investments
Legal maintenance of registration of investment in Ukraine

The international law company “Alt-Brayer” provides practical and consultancy services in the field of immigration and the corporate law of Ukraine wich include registration of investments
in Ukraine.

Investments make a very important element of any successful large performance. They represent Investments registrationfinancial investments, securities, and also other property which the owner (independently, or with the assistance of the profile organisations) needs for the purpose of profit earning, or achievements of another useful effect.

Investments can be private (money transfer from face to face) and with the involvement of state agencies. So, registration of investments in Ukraine is necessary, for example, when:

  • The foreign person makes investments in the Ukrainian economy for the purpose of receiving the permanent residence in the country;
  • The foreign companies make investments in our enterprises, relying on some programs of the attraction of the foreign capital for the purpose of development of the Ukrainian business, etc.

Procedure of registration of investments

Registration of investments in Ukraine is performed rather quickly, however, it is difficult. Difficulties consist in the confused formality of the question. With respect, it is recommended to involve in cooperation of lawyers of the Alt-Brayer company who know all subtleties of the legislation, and also will be able to reveal mistakes in time and to correct them, without allowing bitter effects.

So, procedure is performed as follows:

  1. The person provides the established package of documents to public administration in Kiev;
  2. Receipt date of papers of the brought foreign investments is fixed in the register of state registration;
  3. Within 3 working days the filed documents are considered then the relevant decision as registration of investment in Ukraine will be complete is made.

Cost of Investments registration in Ukraine

As the cost of Investments registration can vary depending on many factors, you have the opportunity to contact our lawyers by filling in the short form below, and determine the financial side of the question.

Investments registration in Ukraine
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Secure registration of investmentsRegistration of investment in Ukraine: how to avoid risks

Registration of the foreign investments — quite a difficult process. The investor, first of all, needs to orient in new conditions, to count the situation, to make the exact forecast taking into account features of the current legislation, to analyze its differences from Laws of other countries, etc.

However, there is the mass of risks for which minimization legal support is necessary for foreigners. Employees of “Alt-Brayer” in accuracy will predict the situation, will build algorithm of action, and will prepare all papers so that registration of investment will take place in Ukraine in the best way without the complication of the process.

Legal maintenance of registration of investment in Ukraine

Lawyers of “Alt-Brayer” are ready to offer the professional services, to both private, and institutional investors. We perform complete high-quality legal maintenance of procedure of any complexity, including not only registration of financial injections, but also the accompanying services:

  1. Consultation of legal nonresident persons concerning registration of the foreign investments;
  2. Representation and protection of interests of nonresidents in public authorities of Ukraine;
  3. Providing consultations concerning the Ukrainian and international legislation;
  4. Development of internal corporate documents of the legal entity;
  5. The help at registration of representation of the nonresident in Ministry of Economics of Ukraine;
  6. Registration of the foreign investments;
  7. Registration, reorganisation and liquidation of the enterprises with participation of the foreign capital in our state;
  8. Development the return algorithm for foreign investments.

Registration of foreign investmentThe Alt-Brayer company always provides the legal aid and we aim at the successful problem resolution of our clients. Our collective consists of highly skilled lawyers who have years of practice in the field of corporate law behind, and in particular — registration of the foreign investments work.

We carry out the deep analysis of documents, we build the legal position, and we know all procedural subtleties connected with investment. Such legal and practical base gives the chance not only to guarantee success but also to prove the high level of the Alt-Brayer company in the market for legal services.

Examples of the documents received by company Alt-Brayer

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