What represents the invitation for the foreigner to Ukraine
Documentary registration of the invitation to entry into Ukraine
The invitation to Ukraine for Russians

The international law company “Alt-Brayer” provides consultations and the qualified legal services for subjects of business activities in the field of migration law; concerning legalisation of foreigners in all territory of Ukraine. In particular, our lawyers accompany registration of Invitation to Ukraineinvitations to Ukraine for foreign persons, making every effort for rendering the broadest and high-quality service to each client.

Cases are frequent, when, being going to visit Ukraine, foreign guests are forced to overcome the difficulties with obtaining the invitation to the country and, respectively, visas. And many Ukrainians ask the question: “How and in what state structure it is possible to issue the invitation for the foreigner to Ukraine?” The international law company “Alt-Brayer” will give you the legal assistance and will help to deal with subtleties of the migratory legislation, and also all nuances of the procedure.

What represents the invitation for the foreigner to Ukraine

The invitation to Ukraine gives the chance to the foreign citizen to issue the visa in a more simplest way, or even to receive a residence permit in our state. Invitation is possible by individuals (the friend, the groom, etc.), and the national companies, for example, for the exchange of working experience.

If your interests are predisposed in such a way that visit of the foreigner is necessary, it is possible to help the foreigner to process documents, to reduce procedure. To begin making out the invitation to Ukraine, the host party needs to make visit to the nearest body of migratory service:

  • for individuals – in the place of residence;
  • for companies – in the place of registration or the actual arrangement.

Cost of Invitation to Ukraine

As the cost of issuance of the Invitation to Ukraine can vary depending on many factors, you have the opportunity to contact our lawyers by filling in the short form below, and determine the financial side of the question.

Invitation to Ukraine
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In migratory service, it is necessary to submit the application of the established sample in Ukrainian. It is impossible to allow corrections, and also to use reductions because in that case the document will be considered as invalid.

The form of the petition consists in such a way that the host party actually takes the responsibility over the foreigner in the country for the entire period of visit.

Documentary registration of the invitation to entry into Ukraine

If you are the Ukrainian legal person, and the invitation of the foreigner is necessary for you for development or improvement of positions of business, the MS should be provided by such package of documents:Invitation for foreigners

  • an application;
  • passport copy of the director (head) of the company and specially authorised person;
  • the statement from the state companies registry of Ukraine;
  • the statement about the financial condition of the person;
  • the order of appointment of the authorised person on work with foreign guests;
  • the address of the planned place of residence of the foreign guest in Ukraine;
  • passport copy of the foreigner.

If you are the individual, it is necessary to provide to territorial department of migratory service:

  • statement;
  • the passport of the Ukraine (or residence permit) which returns to the applicant after consideration of site;
  • the certificate of payment of fees for the accomplishment of procedure;
  • the passport copy of the foreigner added with certified translation on national language.

The invitation to Ukraine for Russians

Recently the bill was acted that Russians are now considered the same foreign citizens, as well as, for example, Spanish, French, etc.. Such legal act means that the invitation to Ukraine for the closest neighbours needs to be made out on the same procedure. Of course, in practice there still be some individual nuances concerning crossing the border of Ukraine by citizens of the Russian Federation, however having the invitation, risks of refusal in the admission will be minimal.

It should be taken into account that the invitation of foreigners exists in several forms:

  • The transit visa is valid within five days. It is used by foreigners who cross borders of our state, heading to another country;
  • Invitation for foreign citizensThose who are going to stay in our country longer, are necessary to receive the short-term visa, and the invitation for this purpose is necessary for the foreigner as the document confirming the purpose of visit;
  • The basis for obtaining the long-term visa is one of such documents as residence permit, the work authorization and so forth.

If you do not completely understand how to issue the invitation competently or you have difficulties when obtaining the document, the Alt-Brayer company will help to understand nuances of procedure, and also will accompany the formality of the question. We give large-scale help in preparation and submission of documents in state structures for obtaining the invitation to Ukraine than in the shortest possible time the guest will be able to issue and receive the visa in full accordance with the law.

Examples of the documents received by company Alt-Brayer

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