The international law company “Alt-Brayer” provides the complex of legal and consultancy services to foreign citizens in the course of their full legalisation in the territory of Ukraine. Legal support concerns not only considerations of questions in specialised state structures but also in court.

Legal support in court

In view of the fact that our specialists are capable of accompanying just about any procedure in the field of the migration, commercial, transport, tax law; quite often it leads to the appeal to the court. So, the legal department of the Alt-Brayer company guarantees full-fledged legal protection to each foreign guest by preparation of documents for giving in the legal agency, and also by their consideration.

Judicial protectionVery often there are questions which solution cannot be reached by the different way, except as in judicial proceedings. So, with the competent legal support, it is possible not only to receive the desirable but also to achieve some privileges in the future. It should be taken into account that it is really very difficult to achieve such success independently, therefore, it is worth addressing for professional legal support. With the assistance of jurists of the Alt-Brayer company the rights of the foreigner are protected.

The foreigner can need legal protection at judicial proceedings in such cases:

  • Protection of the investment rights;
  • Protection of the corporate rights;
  • Determination of intellectual property right;
  • Disputes with mass media, employment, bank and other disputes;
  • Disputes concerning implementation of the right to inheritance;
  • Approval of the legal status;
  • Settling of other legal aspects of migration/business.

Cost of judicial protection of foreigners in Ukraine

As the cost of judicial protection of foreigners in Ukraine can vary depending on many factors, you have the opportunity to contact our lawyers by filling in the short form below, and determine the financial side of the question.

Judicial protection of foreigners in Ukraine
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Professional representation of interests

The practice of legalisation of foreigners by our specialists and maintenance of their business in Ukraine allows guaranteeing the professionalism of legal assistance in prejudicial and judicial proceedings. The adjusted system of work, the saved-up knowledge base and experience of the Alt-Brayer Judicial protection in Ukraineteam allows preparing documents quickly, to competently provide them in the case and to receive the desirable result, irrespective of the complexity of the question.

Having asked for the help in our office, you can be sure that professionals will get down really to business. During the consultation we will find out all conditions which led to this situation, and together with you, we will prepare effective algorithm of the solution of the question. You will always be aware of what happens to your documents and as the business progresses. Of course, no information “will go beyond” office and will not get to the third parties.

We guarantee the success of any question which we undertake!