“Alt-Brayer” – the international law firm which provides all types of service in the field of the migratory legislation. Thanks to the assistance of our specialists, thousands of foreigners have already legalised successfully in Ukraine.

Legalization of foreignersLegalisation is the complex process consisting of the set of stages and on each of them you will face the new portion of problems, such as confirmation of the right to a residence permit, a search of the place for the permanent registration, long expectation of documents which will allow you to remain in Ukraine on legal grounds. It is only the little bit of difficulties which you should deal with if you, being the foreign citizen, decided to move to our country.

Consultations and services in legalisation of foreigners

Type of legalisation

Temporary residence permit

Permanent residence permit

Citizenship of Ukraine

Registration in Kiev

The biometric passport in Kiev

Registration of foreigners

Permission to employment

TIN ID (Tax) number for foreigners

The invitation to Ukraine

The term of staying extension

Refugee status

Registration of marriage with the foreigner

Registration of the foreign investments

Registration of representative office of the foreign company

Registration of the enterprise with the foreign capital

Status of the tax resident

Certificate of non-conviction

Notarized translation of documents

Insurance policy

Consultations on questions regarding Registry offices

Legal protection of foreigners in Ukraine

Passport of Ukraine



Experience convincingly proves that you should not expect the fast solution of similar questions. At least, if you strongly intend to resolve this issue without the assistance of the professional lawyer. Whatever was your ultimate goal – just a residence permit or full-fledged nationality – be ready fro waiting. Occasionally nonresidents receive the affirmative answer only years later.

Legalization in UkraineAny citizen of Ukraine, who had to solve some problems with workers of public services, will be able to tell you about “delights” of communication with them. In the case of foreigners, the factor of others country also is added to these inconveniences, it is frequent – the language barrier and total absence of acquaintances. If you wish the process of your legalisation took comfortable place, there is the idea to ask the Alt-Brayer company for the help.

The assistance of the Alt-Brayer specialists gives the chance to reduce the term of the legalisation of any form by several times. Besides, we, unlike many other companies, provide the firm guarantee of a positive result of our cooperation.