“Alt-Brayer” is the company which provides services in the field of licensing of the enterprises. One of the leading directions is the help in the acquisition of licences for construction. Lawyers for the company for years of work acquire practice which helps our clients to receive the desirable in most terms are short.

Construction licences in Ukraine

Purchase the licence for constructionThe Ukrainian legislation provides a rather detailed specification of the licences concerning construction activity. There are more than ten versions of similar licences – documents of the different type will be necessary if you are going to be engaged, for example, in a project or engineering work, to conduct architect or estimated activity and so on.

Certainly, each of them has owned specifics of receiving – distinctions will be both in the process and in the list of the documents necessary for its acquisition. The question of what shall be your construction licence, it is necessary to attend in advance and to ideally discuss this question with the qualified lawyer – it will allow saving time and will secure you against wrong moves.

By the way, the option of receiving by the enterprise of several construction licences is not excluded at once if the company is not going to limit itself within any construction industry and wishes to provide in the field of construction complex services.

The licence for construction in Kiev

Licence for construction in KievIf the main objective of your enterprise is the construction licence in Kiev, prepare that the corresponding instances which are engaged in licensing will impose on your enterprise a number of strict requirements to which it will have to correspond without fail.

So, the construction licence will be granted to your enterprise if:

  • Your enterprise will possess accurately allocated and officially recorded structural departments;
  • the room in which the enterprise will be located, will answer all to the declared regulations (for example, not less than six square metres of the area shall fall on each specialist);
  • in your enterprise there has to be all necessary computer equipment;
  • the computer equipment shall be equipped only with the licensed software;
  • You should develop and approve all normative legal documentation on your company;
  • Among your employees, there have to be without fail specialists with architectural or other profile education.

The only observance of all these conditions will grant to you the right to initiate a process which result will be the construction licence in Kiev. The obtained construction licence will give you the opportunity to undertake the wide range of construction works, and not only in the capital but also in other settlements of our country.

Obtaining the construction licence

Licence for construction UkraineIt is impossible to call the process of licensing of the construction industry simple. The licence for construction in Ukraine as it was already told can be issued only to the enterprise which is completely meeting all declared requirements. By itself, you should confirm all this with the corresponding documentation.

After all, this you complete the final package of documents and give it to necessary bodies together with the request. Theoretically, construction licence is purchased approximately in the month. In practice all process can be dragged out noticeably – I can raise the problem with these or those documents, the request can back be returned if in it finds mistakes, etc.

Distinguish the following types of construction licences:

for surveying works

on design

for installation works

on the construction of designs

on cottage construction

for engineering works

The main licence conditions for obtaining licences for construction in Ukraine:

  • availability of structural departments of the enterprise;
  • availability of administration rooms with the area according to requirements of construction regulations (at least 6 sq. — on each specialist);
  • availability of the necessary computer equipment;
  • availability of the necessarily licensed software;
  • availability of the specifications and technical documentation of the company (DBN);
  • Availability of the staff of the enterprise (on the permanent basis) the corresponding specialists with architectural and construction education and work experience.

Cooperation with “Alt-Brayer” allows optimising the process of licensing and to minimise the spent time. We help to issue correctly the request and to collect all necessary documentation.

Personally, you should spend no more than one hour of your time. “Alt-Brayer” gives you the reliable guarantee of the fact that your business interests will be competently represented, and the process of licensing will be under reliable legal protection.

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