Licence for cultivation of narcotic plantsIf you decided to be engaged in the cultivation of the plants containing narcotic substances, and after — their processing, it is necessary to know that such type of activity demands the corresponding licence.

According to the legislation, the phrase “trafficking in narcotics” means crops and cultivation, processing, storage, export or import, transfer and other actions connected with the use of narcotic substances. Needless to say that all above-mentioned actions are prohibited by the law!

For the basis of business, it is necessary to fulfil the main License requirements:

  • not less than two employees with profile education and practical experience of the pharmacist or pharmacist shall be on “staff”;
  • Persons who are engaged in similar activity are obliged to provide certificates of non-conviction.

Sanctions for derogation from rules

For non-compliance with the procedure of licensing of crops and cultivation of the mentioned plants, administrative and criminal liability is provided.

Administrative violation illegal cultivation of similar plants in quantity to ten units is considered and involves penalties the amount from 306 to 1700 UAH. In the case when a number of plants exceed 10 pieces, criminal liability is considered.

If the citizen voluntarily handed over narcotic substances, it is considered a contribution to disclosure of the crime and, thus, he is exempted from liability, in particular, from a criminal.

As it is correct to issue the right to cultivation of the narcotic plants

Obtaine the licence for cultivation of narcotic plantsSpecialists of international legal the Alt-Brayer company will help to process correctly and competently all documents, in order to avoid, in the future, responsibility for violations of the legislation of Ukraine.

Enters the list of the services provided by our company in this case:

  1. Informing client on responsibility for violation of regulations of the legislation;
  2. Preparation and submission of documentation in state bodies;
  3. Maintenance of process of the transaction at all stages of consideration.
  4. Obtaining licence.

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