The international law company “Alt-Brayer” provides consultations and practical legal services for subjects of business activities in the field of licensing of activities for employment abroad by what accompanies procedure of registration and obtaining the licences for employment existing in all territory of Ukraine.

Lawyers of our company are ready to offer the professional services, to both private and institutional investors.

Licence for employmentConcerning licensing of employment enters services of Alt-Brayer Law Company:

  1. professional consultation of the client concerning obtaining the licence;
  2. informing on the current legislation in the field of licensing of this type of activity;
  3. preparation, registration and giving of the package of documents in the Ministry of Labour and social policy of Ukraine;
  4. Obtaining the licence for the client.

Licence requirements

To obtain the licence for employment it is necessary not only competently and to correctly issue the package of necessary documents and to strictly adhere to licence requirements which look as follows:

  1. availability of the room at the entrance to which the corresponding sign with the name and working hours of the enterprise shall be placed;
  2. in the charter in types of activity such type of activity is listed as “employment overseas” shall be included;
  3. With the foreign partner, special contractual relations shall be issued.

The Alt-Brayer company without effort will assume all efforts concerning the organisation of the notarial certificate of documents, necessary for licensing. We will provide the qualified help in obtaining references from tax authorities, job center, and also we will prepare the reasoned base of employment.

Lawyers of our company completely will consult you rather interesting questions, will carry out a preliminary expert examination of the package of necessary documents and will create a future algorithm of actions. Also, you can address us for the purpose of prolongation, already earlier obtained a licence for employment in Ukraine.

Benefits of work from the international company “Alt-Brayer”:

  1. timely obtaining a licence;
  2. the accomplishment of all terms of the contract in fixed terms;
  3. the director of the company personally controls process of accomplishment of each task and personally communicates with the client, at least, at the stage of consultation;
  4. Licence for employment Kievmaintaining confidentiality;
  5. all services are carried out by experts lawyers with the wide experience of work;
  6. work on reasonable prices;
  7. in all instances the interests of the client are represented by lawyers by proxy so your personal presence is not obligatory at all;
  8. work is performed absolutely legally and from 100% by the guarantee of the result (we get down to business only if are sure that we will cope);
  9. Escort of the client when checking law enforcement agencies and fiscal service.