Who have the rights to perform medical practice
Medical licence: the main requirements for receiving
Licence for medical practice and personnel recruitment
Difficulties of registration of the licence for medical practice in Ukraine

Medical practice Decided to create the business, to open the medical enterprise, the stomatology office, or to practise medicine, but you do not know what exactly to do in the beginning what package of documents needs to be prepared and where further to address?
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In the questions concerning medical licensing, Ukraine has rather loyal legislation, however, and here certain difficulties can trap you. So, how there takes place process of licensing and with what nuances it can be connected?

Who have the rights to perform medical practice?

Can be the subject having the legal right to practise medicine:

  • The legal entity, that is, the organisation specialising in rendering medical services. Only condition: the company shall be created in full accordance with that order which is stipulated in the legislation.
  • The natural person having profile education. In this case, it is about private practice.

It is also necessary to note that the licence can be profile or complex. In other words, it can grant to you the right to practice only in one medical industry (to fitting, you will be able to open only the stomatology office), and can give the opportunity to open a multi-profile clinic and to render all range of medical services. Certainly, it will be more difficult to receive the second licence type.

Licence for medical practice fastMedical licence: the main requirements for receiving:

  • The equipped room meeting sanitary standards.
  • The certificates and other documentation provided by laws of the state of Ukraine and necessary for carrying out this type of activity.
  • The availability of the medical equipment (checked by bodies of metrological control).
  • Employees with profile education.
  • The head of the company shall have the certificate on the availability of profile education and not less than two-year work experience.
  • The adjusted order of rendering medical services.

Licence for medical practice and personnel recruitment:

In a team of specialists of your organisation, shall enter: chief physician, junior staff, and corresponding specialities.

The chief physician shall have:

  • the certificate confirming its qualification;
  • the certificate confirming qualification category;
  • Work experience more than 3 years.

Difficulties of registration of the licence for medical practice in Ukraine

The main difficulties when receiving are caused by the fact that the licence is, first of all, the result of the difficult bureaucratic process. The state of Ukraine imposes a number of indispensable requirements to those enterprises at which ultimate goal is the medical licence. According to laws if the enterprise intends to conduct medical practice, it shall meet such requirements:

  • their employees shall work with the higher education and experience in the activity similar to that which is conducted by FLP.
  • The junior staff can have any medical education.

To get licence for medical practiceAnd it is only that, as for personnel. Certainly, it is not so difficult to find the corresponding workers. It is much more difficult to provide documentary confirmation of all these points which would have complete legal force. Only having satisfied all these conditions, you will be able to get the licence for medical practice.

Thus, the medical licence, to be exact its availability is the condition which you without fail should execute to apply for the post within themarket of medical services. Otherwise, you will not be able simply to perform legal medical work.

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We as fast as possible will issue the licence for medical practice. How it occurs?

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