Licence for precursors and drugsIn view of the danger to society which is rendered by production and operation of drugs and precursors, the state of Ukraine made the decision to independently control all these processes. A similar restriction is made by licensing which is checked by authorised state bodies.

The legislation concerning turnover of narcotic substances in Ukraine is provided by the set of regulations and rather widely lights all features of maintaining this type of activity. But there are also questions which need to be specified only by means of lawyers.

The main nuances when obtaining the licence

The procedure for obtaining the similar licence has some differences from registration of the licence for medical activity. In particular, the bigger number of permissions and compliances to special licence requirements to the room is necessary. The alarm system and video surveillance shall be installed, and workers shall undergo medical testing.

Main licence requirements:

  • at work, at least, two profile specialists with practical experience shall consist;
  • the staff of the company is obliged to have the certificate of non-conviction.

More detailed information on the order of registration of the licence, necessary documents and other nuances, you receive, having addressed the staff of Alt-Brayer Law Company.

Our company gives help to the organisations in the legalisation of precursors for such types of activity as storage, transportation, acquisition, implementation, import and export.

“Alt-Brayer” provides the following services in the field of licensing of drugs:

  • Licence for precursors in Ukraineconsultation with the client about the process of licensing;
  • informing customer on the legislative party of the process;
  • representation of interests of the client in state structures;
  • collecting, preparation, registration of necessary papers;
  • submission of documentation in bodies of licensing;
  • maintenance of process of registration of permission at all stages of the transaction;
  • Obtaining licence.

The Alt-Brayer law company works hard years at the market of licensing of precursors and drugs, possesses extensive practical experience and knowledge of all features of the process of paperwork, and also obtaining the licence. Therefore, having addressed us, you receive the fast and complex solution of the questions.