Lately, in Ukraine production processes and arms trade are more and more globalized. The competition among sellers increases as, actually, and requirements of buyers. But each new “participant” in the similar type of activity shall undergo the procedure of licensing.

It is possible to get permission for work with the civil or office weapon.

So, what difference between the office and civil weapon?

The office weapon includes fire and cut short-barrelled. Their production is provided by state standards of Ukraine: in this type of weapon firing is excluded by turns and a number of cartridges shall not exceed 10 units.

Production and trading of firearmsTo civil I will issue the weapon belongs:

  • defensive weapon;
  • hunting weapon;
  • cold and bladed weapon;
  • Alarm weapon.

The licence is the basis for trade in the civil, office weapon and cartridges to them. Also, this permission extends to its production and export.

Features of registration of the licence for work with the weapon

Production and arms trade — profitable business, and, of course, such occupation has the licence requirements. For legalisation of work with the weapon, it is necessary to provide the following conditions:

  • the certain room isolated from other subsidiary rooms;
  • availability of fire-prevention system;
  • the safe, or metal case for storage of the subject of the licence;
  • directly for the designer of permission:
  • document on non-conviction;
  • health declaration;
  • Confirmation of passing of courses on weapon handling.

The international company “Alt-Brayer” provides legal maintenance concerning licensing of all types of weapon.

Licence for trading of firearmsEnters services of our company:

  • consultation with the client directly about the procedure of licensing;
  • informing the client on the legislation of Ukraine, including the last changes;
  • preparation, collecting and registration of all necessary documents;
  • submission of documentation in state bodies;
  • Transfer of the licence directly to the client.

“Alt-Brayer” many years is engaged in licensing not only the weapon but also other types of activity which are important for the opening of business, the outlet or the company.

Lawyers for the international company “Alt-Brayer” monitor all changes in the legislation of our state, find solutions even of the most difficult and confused situations. The team of our lawyers includes the best highly qualified specialists. We guarantee the accomplishment of all conditions provided by the agreement with the client in the shortest lines on comfortable conditions for you.