If you decided to be engaged in the production of means of individual protection, it is necessary to know that this activity in Ukraine is subject to licensing.

Such licence is the basis for production and export of means of self-defence, the hunting or sports weapon (the pneumatic weapon) and cartridges to them.

Licence for production of MIPWhat means of self-defence exist

  1. Gas sprays.

Today this is most popular means among citizens. Affects the opponent instantly and puts him out of action. Production of this means not costly but nevertheless needs licensing.

  1. The device of the dosed aerosol spraying.

The BLOW – in fact, is gas the gun which influences as the gas spray. Production of such adaptation more costly, but also is subject to licensing.

  1. Pneumatic weapon.

It is one of the most widespread types of individual protection. Divide two types of pneumatics: sports and hunting. The pneumatic weapon in hands of the professional will give odds and to traumatic. Production of such tool is rather a profitable case.

  1. Electroshock device.

EShU proved as the faithful assistant to intelligence agencies of many countries long ago, the majority of security agencies works with their help. But citizens have no right to use this means without special permission.

Why they are so popular



  • simplicity and efficiency in use;
  • does not take a lot of places;
  • reasonable price;
  • Not traumatic means.
  • use indoors influences also the owner;
  • Inefficient during the rain or wind.



Permission to production of means of self-defence, as well as other licence types to the weapon, has the following licence requirements:

  • availability of the certain room for storage of the subject of the licence;
  • availability of fire-prevention system in the above-mentioned room;
  • availability of safes or metal cases;
  • availability of means of the alarm system;
  • directly the designer shall provide
  • medical permission;
  • certificate of non-conviction;
  • The document confirming the passing of courses on weapon handling.

Services of the international law company “Alt-Brayer”

Licence for production of MIP Kiev

Our highly qualified specialists will provide the help in such questions:

  • consultation with the client on the subject of licensing of means of individual protection;
  • registration of the statement in bodies of licensing;
  • collecting and preparation of all necessary documents;
  • representation of interests of the customer in state institutions;
  • control over promotion of case;
  • payment of the state duties;
  • Obtaining the licence for the client.

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