Trade in tobacco products in Ukraine is rather a profitable case. In particular, big incomes are brought in by retail trade by such goods. This type of activity assumes the direct sale of goods to the final consumer in single or other small quantity.

But for conducting tobacco business, there has to be special permission. To both small booths, and the retail network, the licence for retail trade by cigarettes and tobacco products is necessary for all entrepreneurs. If to work without the specified document – it is necessary to pay the penalty for the size, according to the current legislation.

Rules for obtaining licence

License for retail sale of tobaccoSuch types of tobacco products are subject to licensing:

  • cigarettes with the filter and without;
  • cigars;
  • cigarettes;
  • chewing tobacco;
  • rustic tobacco;
  • Other tobacco products.

As well as other types of business in Ukraine, retail trade by tobacco products also has the number of requirements without which it is impossible to be engaged in the sale of goods.

Permission is issued in the presence:

  • legal address of the place of trade, from 20 sq. (places of sale of tobacco products shops, booths, trade tents, places in the market, trains, sea or river crafts are);
  • the positive conclusion of the sanepidemstantion;
  • permissions of bodies of fire safety;
  • Documentation confirming payment of the licence.

Legal support concerning licensing

The international law company “Alt-Brayer” is engaged in registration of licences for retail trade in tobacco. Such permission is issued for 1 year and is registered with tax authorities in the location of the outlet.

By means of our lawyers, you can obtain the licence quickly and freely. The staff of the international company “Alt-Brayer” — team of highly qualified specialists with practical experience and profound knowledge of the legislation of Ukraine.

We offer:

  • The licensing of trade in tobaccoconsultation with the client about the process of licensing;
  • informing customer on the legislation of Ukraine;
  • representation of interests of the designer in state bodies;
  • collecting and registration of the package of documents;
  • submission of documentation in relevant organs;
  • Obtaining the licence for the client.

The Alt-Brayer company is ready to offer you the help, to provide the competent decision during licensing of retail trade by cigarettes and other tobacco products. Our cooperation will be pleasant and productive.