“Alt-Brayer” is the law company giving help in questions of licencing. One of the priority directions is assistance at the acquisition of licences for scrap metal.

The licence for scrap metal, proceeding from legislative provisions, turns out on the rather difficult procedure as in the Ministry of industrial policy which, actually, and is engaged in licencing of the enterprises in this industry a number of documents will demand from you, and you will manage to receive them quickly hardly.

Licence for scrap metal: main requirements to recipients

Licence for scrap metalTo the enterprises which are going to be engaged in collecting and utilisation of scrap metal, the state lays down such conditions. If you apply for the licence, then you shall have:

  • the equipped land plot;
  • warehouses and production rooms which will meet all standards which are established by fire and ecological services;
  • the corresponding equipment – technology, production, load-lifting and weight;
  • The skilled workers who received the corresponding skills on courses.

Procurement and processing of scrap metal:

requirements to the room

Licence for acceptance of scrap metalThe licence for acceptance of scrap metal to you will be granted only if you have the room which will allow carrying out it’s processing at your enterprise.

First of all, take care of that your room was or on your property, or acted as a direct lease. In other words, the option with sublease is not allowed by current laws. Near the room there has to be the land plot, also properly equipped.

Also, there are requirements to the minimum area of this site. If you specialise in non-ferrous scrap, these are not less than five hundred square metres if you are engaged in scrap black, the minimum area shall be twice more. Sites on which you are going to store metals need to be equipped with the special concrete covering that harmful substances could not get into the soil.

As for the room, in it there has to be the metalworking, load-lifting, weight equipment, and also the device of radiation control.

The licence for acceptance of metal and the list of documents to it

Licence for scrap metal UkraineSpeaking about documents, which you should provide in order that get the licence for scrap metal, then such situation was granted here. To licence the business, it is required to you:

  • fill in the application form for licencing;
  • provide documents which will confirm or the fact that you own the site or the fact that you rent it;
  • bring written results of the commission which will have to subject previously to check each place of acceptance of your enterprise;
  • Provide instance permission and submit documentation which will confirm the fact of the carried-out state registration.

As you can see, the list quite impressive, and receiving each of these documents is often weeks of visits to bureaucratic organisations. If you got used to disposing competently of the time, the Alt-Brayer company will help to licence your business in much shorter terms. The licence for scrap metal in Ukraine obtained with our help, is a literally hour of your personal time. You bring the minimum of documents, and all the rest – already care of our specialists!