The international law company “Alt-Brayer” provides consultations and services for legal entities and physical persons in the field of licensing of security activity, namely — registration of licences for protection in all territory of Ukraine.

Licence for security activity

If you decided to begin business in the field of protection of natural persons, and also personal and commercial property, then shall understand that the licence for security activity in Ukraine is for this purpose necessary. To receive the required document, for a start, it is necessary to fulfil the number of licence requirements, to prepare the corresponding package of papers, to provide everything to state structures and to wait for the answer. Procedure this rather long, however, lawyers of the Alt-Brayer company not only will qualitatively consult on all aspects of procedure but also will provide the work authorization at your minimum intervention.

Conditions of obtaining licence for security activity

Of course, the licence for security activity in Ukraine at you to appear only after the relevant state agencies is informed that the enterprise fulfilled all necessary requirements for conducting the specified activity. So, during creation of security firm the main attention should be paid to personnel who will be engaged in protection:

  1. Surely in staff, it is necessary to have the specialist who would direct the security direction. It is desirable that its qualification experience included work in law enforcement agencies, but also the person working in the security companies is allowed;
  2. Among the workers occupied on the permanent basis, it is necessary to have, at least, two security guards having the corresponding certificate.

After accomplishment of licence conditions, the documents confirming the fact of availability of qualified personnel, and other papers provided in the legislative order are transferred to the Ministry of Internal Affairs then in the month in Ukraine, most likely, you will have the licence for security activity. Or, otherwise, you can gain refusal in obtaining permission to protection if the commission defines that the enterprise has no necessary resources for providing security services.

What should not be done for obtaining the licence for protection?

Licence for security activity in KievThe licence for security activity in Ukraine demonstrates that the personnel have special knowledge and skills, rooms answer all regulations fire-prevention, sanitary and so forth safety, and the relevant documents too as it should be. As it was already written above, the personnel make the main component of work therefore among employees of the enterprise shall not be:

  1. The persons having the criminal record;
  2. The persons which are on accounting at the psychiatrist and/or the narcologist;
  3. Persons who have the unsatisfactory state of health for implementation of security activity.

It is possible to purchase the licence for protection with lawyers of “Alt-Brayer”

Not to receive the negative answer from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and, therefore, it is vain not to spend a lot of time and finance, it is possible to address to the Alt-Brayer company which jurists will help with registration of required documents for licensing of security activity in Ukraine at once.

Our company provides the following list of services concerning registration and obtaining the licence for protection:

  • Informing client on the national legislation;
  • Consultation with the person concerning obtaining permission to security activity;
  • Preparation and registration of the package of documents for its submission to bodies of licensing;
  • Assistance when obtaining the allowing documents necessary for dl of that the licence for security activity in Ukraine appeared at the client;
  • Preparation of material and technical resources of the enterprise according to legislative requirements;
  • Receiving and providing a licence to the client.

Licence for security activity UkraineThe Alt-Brayer company works hard years in the field of the international consulting therefore it with ease and in most squeezed tem to get necessary documents, and necessary for the achievement of the desirable result will make all.

Having asked us for the help, you receive the qualified service from experienced lawyers that will become a pledge of the positive and fast problem resolution. And it will only be for this purpose necessary to be in office, to sign the power of attorney on lawyers of the Alt-Brayer company and to be present in the minimum quantity of instances. All the rest is care of specialists of “Alt-Brayer”.